Unleashing the Power of Digitisation


In the fast-paced landscape of today’s business world, the embrace of technology has become synonymous with progress and efficiency. A recent article “Irish manufacturers warn of further cost increases as hiring is forecast to slow sharply” in the Sunday Business Post by Lorcan Allen  sheds light on the evolving trends in corporate strategies, revealing a notable surge in the importance of digitisation.

As companies gear up for the future with investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, a staggering 70% have identified digitisation as a top priority. This article explores the pivotal role of digitisation in the business realm, focusing on the potential benefits for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and how dedicated digitisation services can be a game-changer.


Digitisation: The Landscape of Change

With 29% of companies planning increased investments in Research and Development (R&D) in the short term, it is evident that the business world is undergoing a profound transformation. The surge in technological advancements, especially in AI and robotics, has sparked a paradigm shift in corporate strategies. In response to this, a whopping 70% of companies recognise the urgency of embracing digitalisation as a cornerstone of their future success.


The Irish Perspective

In the context of Ireland, the article highlights a significant trend, with 68% of surveyed businesses planning to initiate digitisation initiatives within the next 1 to 2 years. This surge indicates a collective understanding among Irish businesses of the need to adapt to the rapidly changing technological landscape. As companies across various sectors prepare to embark on their digitisation journeys, the focus remains on leveraging technology to enhance work practices and increase overall efficiency.


Digitisation is the Driving Force: Improving Work Practices and Efficiency

A staggering 88% of surveyed businesses expressed that their primary motivation for embracing digitisation was to improve work practices and increase efficiency. This underscores the transformative potential of digitisation in streamlining operations, reducing manual processes, and enabling employees to focus on high-value tasks. The pursuit of efficiency is a driving force that can catapult businesses into a new era of productivity.


Empowering Small to Medium Businesses through Digitisation Services with Graphedia

For small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the prospect of digitisation might seem daunting, but it holds immense promise. With dedicated digitisation services from Graphedia, these businesses can navigate the complexities of digital transformation with ease. Graphedia, as an experienced digitisation partner, has successfully assisted businesses, in a wide variety of sectors in enhancing their operational efficiency and embracing the benefits of digitisation.

Embracing digital transformation, which can be slow and challenging to materialise, but is essential for all companies. Allow Graphedia to assist in creating your digital services with seamless experiences, turning this vision into a rewarding reality.

As the business landscape evolves, embracing digitisation is no longer a choice but a necessity. The insights from the Sunday Business Post article underscore the growing importance of digital transformation, with a majority of businesses recognising its potential impact on work practices and efficiency. For small to medium businesses, the journey toward digitisation presents both challenges and opportunities. By capitalising on dedicated digitisation services from Graphedia, businesses can not only adapt to the changing times but also thrive in an era defined by innovation and technological prowess.

Contact us today to embark on your digitisation journey!

Remember work smarter not harder, drive digital transformation, business innovation, and company success!

Niall Reck has extensive experience in the realm of digital design and transformation, he is the driving force behind our success in helping companies harness the power of digitisation. With a keen eye for innovation and a deep understanding of cutting-edge digital technologies, Niall brings a wealth of knowledge and his expertise has been instrumental in shaping our Digitisation Service, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with the unique needs and challenges of businesses seeking to streamline their operations.
Niall Reck

Give your business a ‘workout’, and see how Graphedia can help you take the ‘work out’ of your processes with digitisation!

National Strategy Award Winners 2023, Niall Reck, Hassan Khan, Fergus Bourke, and Michael Pitt

Friday 10th November marked a defining moment for the SETU Team as we clinched victory at the prestigious MBA Association Strategy Competition 2023, hosted in the inspiring corporate offices of Flutter. I’m thrilled to share that this victory is especially sweet for me, as it marks my second time securing this esteemed award.

Thank you to my team members, Hassan Khan, Fergus Bourke, and Michael Pitt you guys are amazing go team trans4mers 😊. To my colleagues from last year’s winning team, Paul, Ciara, Dave, and Justin, your wisdom has been invaluable, and the lessons learned last year proved to be the foundation of our success this year.

I extend my gratitude to SETU Business College special thanks to our outstanding lecturers Ray Griffin, Denis Harrington, and Tom Egan, whose guidance and mentorship have been instrumental in our journey.

A challenging strategic case study awaited us, thanks to the MBA Association (Michelle Gallagher, Frank Dillion, Alacoque McMenamin & Michael Bulman) and  and the insightful guest judge, Ade McCormack. The morning was filled with nine strategic disruptions, pushing us to think critically and strategically, keeping us on our toes all morning.  Our competition was formidable, with teams from NUIG, DBS, UL, and Queens University. It’s an honour to be part of such a competitive field and emerge victorious.

Full Article here https://mbaassociation.ie/news/setu-retains-national-strategy-prize/

What Is Digitisation and How Can It Benefit Your Organisation


In the age of digital transformation, businesses are continuously seeking ways to stay relevant, competitive, and efficient. A key driver of this evolution is digitisation, the first step in companies Digital Transformation journey, digitisation is a concept that holds the potential to revolutionise the way organisations operate. But what exactly is digitisation, and how can it benefit your organisation? Graphedia are here to help, in this blog post we’ll explore the essence of digitisation and its profound advantages and show you 11 Digitisation Benefits for your Organisation.

Understanding digitisation

At its core, digitisation is the process of converting analog information, processes, and systems into digital formats. This entails the conversion of paper documents, manual processes, and physical assets into digital data and automated workflows (it helps you take the workout of tedious, repetitive manual processes). Digitisation encompasses a broad spectrum of activities, ranging from digitising paper records to automating complex business processes.

4 Key Aspects of digitisation :

  1. Digital Data:
    Digitisation involves the creation of digital representations of information, such as documents, records, docket books, Purchase order sheets, Quotation sheets and assets.
  2. Automation:
    It often includes the automation of repetitive tasks and workflows, reducing manual intervention and errors, using technology like websites, web apps or apps.
  3. Accessibility:
    Digital data is easily accessible, searchable, and shareable, leading to improved collaboration and efficiency.
  4. Integration:
    Digitisation allows for the integration of various systems and tools, streamlining processes and data flow, gone are the days of duplicate and triplicte books (It can be the end to paper processes).

See how we have helped clients like Adman Steel Shed, Sofrimar and more, use Digitisation to benefit their unique business needs. 

11 Digitisation Benefits for your Organisation

Now that we have a grasp of what digitisation entails, let’s delve into the 11 benefits it can bring to your organisation:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency
    Digitisation reduces manual and time-consuming tasks, allowing employees to focus on higher-value activities. This results in improved productivity and faster decision-making.
  1. Cost Reduction
    By eliminating paper-based processes and reducing manual labour, digitisation leads to significant cost savings in terms of paper, storage, and personnel.
  1. Improved Accuracy
    Digital processes are less prone to human errors. This means fewer mistakes in data entry, document handling, and record keeping.
  1. Better Data Management
    Digital data is easier to organise, manage, and retrieve. This ensures that critical information is readily available when needed.
  1. Enhanced Collaboration
    Digitisation facilitates collaboration by enabling remote access to documents and real-time sharing of information among teams and departments.
  1. Faster Decision-Making
    With digital data at your fingertips, decision-makers can access information quickly, leading to faster and more informed choices.
  1. Scalability
    Digital systems are easily scalable to accommodate growth and changing business needs, without the constraints of physical infrastructure.
  1. Customer-Centricity
    Digitisation allows organisations to provide better customer experiences by offering online services, self-service portals, and real-time communication.
  1. Compliance and Security
    Digital systems can be equipped with robust security measures and compliance controls, reducing risks associated with data breaches and regulatory violations.
  1. Environmental Responsibility
    Digitisation aligns with sustainability goals by reducing paper consumption and the carbon footprint associated with physical processes.
  1. Competitive Advantage
    Embracing digitisation can give your organisation a competitive edge in your industry, as it enables you to adapt more swiftly to market changes and evolving customer expectations.

In conclusion, digitisation is not merely a technological trend but a strategic imperative for organisations looking to thrive in the digital age. At Graphedia, we understand the transformative power of digitisation and are committed to helping your organisation harness its full potential, saving you money to focus on more profitable aspects of your business.

Connect with Graphedia to explore how we can tailor digitisation to benefit your unique business needs. 

We specialise in helping organisations unlock the potential of digitisation and maximize their ROI. Click here to learn more about our Digitisation Service and discover how we can help your business eliminate manual processes and boost efficiency.

Niall Reck has extensive experience in the realm of digital design and transformation, he is the driving force behind our success in helping companiess harness the power of digitisation. With a keen eye for innovation and a deep understanding of cutting-edge digital technologies, Niall brings a wealth of knowledge and his expertise has been instrumental in shaping our Digitisation Service, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with the unique needs and challenges of businesses seeking to streamline their operations.
Niall Reck

Give your business a ‘workout’, and see how Graphedia can help you take the ‘work out’ of your processes with digitisation!


Graphedia Awarded EcoMerit Green Certification

We are pleased to announce Graphedia have been awarded Ecomerit Green certification.

We have been working with EcoMerit to create a bespoke environmental improvement plan for our business and develop our green credentials. We will continue support and measure progress over time, as we implement actions from the plan.

Using the Green for Micro project as a springboard EcoMerit worked with Graphedia to develop an Environmental Policy and an action-oriented Environmental Improvement Plan. Guidance was also provided on how to use the EcoMerit performance workbooks to monitor our energy, carbon, water and waste usage.

Wexford County Councillor and Chair of the EcoMerit Oversight Board, Leonard Kelly, visited Graphedia’s Wexford office to present them with their EcoMerit Certificate. He commented:

“I was delighted to present Graphedia with their EcoMerit Certificate. It’s brilliant to see another Wexford business taking action on its environmental impact, especially given the latest reports from the IPCC reminding us of the urgency of the climate situation.”

Sarah Reck Co Founder of Graphedia commented:

“We are delighted to be able to participate in such an excellent project that helps us become more aware of our Environmental responsibilities. EcoMerit allowed us to take an overall look at our current actions and implement an improvement plan to develop our green credentials. Thanks so much to all involved.”

Someone is cloning your Business Instagram account and taking your customers money (What to do)

In recent times cloning of business social Media platforms has rapidly increased and is still on an upward trend which can be a threat to your business especially with the reliance on these platforms with its ever developing industry

It has come to our attention recently that more and more businesses are having their Instagram accounts cloned by scammers.  This happens where criminals have set up an account and stolen your Bio, your images, and created an account that looks exactly like yours. They continue by trying to get your existing followers to follow them thinking it is you and message your followers directly looking for personal and payment details.  The scammers generally target those with a high number of followers (Over 10k).

They continue by taking payment and then the purchaser is contacting you (the proper company) about their order.  This is sometimes how companies find out they have been cloned when someone emails into you asking where is their product.

This is fraud and causes great concern for the business owners thus finding a resolution is not easy as trying to contact Instagram can be difficult. Unfortunately, sometimes Instagram has no way of being able to tell which account is the real one and ends up shutting both accounts down.

You need to take action ASAP. Here’s what to do if your Instagram account is cloned!


This is becoming very common, here are 5 tips to help you sort it out

* Note contacting the Gardai about fraudulent social media  platforms is not an option *

  1. instragram-badgeEnsure your Business Account is verified this can increase your chances of your account being recovered promptly (see how to verify below)**Did you know… 9times out of 10 Business Accounts are not verified on their social media platforms and its as easy as 1.2.3 **
    Instagram verification is how you prove that your Instagram account is the authentic presence of a notable public figure, celebrity or global brand.  It puts the Blue badge on your account.These badges are designed to make the real accounts stand out, so that Instagram users can be sure they’re following the right person or brand. They’re easy to spot in search results and on profiles, and they convey authority.You need to do the following steps, if you don’t do this part the rest of the steps are pointless)

    a) Go to your profile and tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner
    b) Tap Settings
    c) Tap Account
    d) Tap Request Verification.
    e) Fill in the application form. Your legal name. Your “known as” or working name (if applicable) …
    f) Tap Send.Once submitted can take up to 30 days to get verified. Good video how to below from hootesuite labs
  2. Immediately take a screenshot of the fake account.
    If you have been blocked by the account that has cloned you, ask your friends or customers to find it and send you a screenshot of it.
  3. Change your profile picture to be able to distinguish between your real account and the fake account and add a new grid post quickly so that your real account looks different straight away.
  4. Report to Instagram using this link https://help.instagram.com/370054663112398
    See info from page hereInstagram takes safety seriously. If someone created an Instagram account pretending to be you, you can report it to us. Make sure that you provide all the requested info, including a photo of your government-issued ID.If you have an Instagram account, you can report it to them from within the app, or by filling in this form. If you don’t have an Instagram account, please fill in this form.Instagram only respond to reports sent to them from the person who’s being impersonated or a representative of the person who’s being impersonated (e.g. a parent). If someone you know is being impersonated, please encourage that person to report it.Bear in mind that your report is anonymous, except if you’re reporting an intellectual property infringement. The account you reported won’t see who reported them.Note: If you’re having trouble with uploading a photo of your ID from a mobile phone, please try submitting this form from a computer.
  5. Ask as many people as you can, friends, family, followers etc to find the cloned account and report it to Instagram from within the app. It’s important that they report it as “Impersonating someone you know“, rather than just blocking it. Here are the steps to do this: Go on to the profile > Click the 3 dots on the top right-hand corner > Report > It’s inappropriate > Report Account > It’s pretending to be someone else.

Last few tips for extra security

  • Ensure you have two-factor authentication enabled on your account. This is an added layer of security on your account. It means that when you sign in to your account, Instagram & Facebook will send a code to your registered phone number or email which you then have to input before you can log in to the account.
  • Change your password on a regular basis. (DO NOT use your name in your password)


Being Seen through Social Media is a priority for Digital Marketing of your Business but Being Safe is most important

Contact Graphedia Today to discuss your security online & to take all necessary precautions to ensure your Business is Safe Online

Graphedia Achieve Google Partner Status for 6 years in a row


Graphedia are very proud to have achieved Google Partner Status for Google AdWords for Search ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Mobile Ads & Video

Google Partner Status means we are recognized for:

  1. Maximizing campaign success for our clients
  2. Driving client growth by maintaining clients’ campaigns
  3. Demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise with certifications.

What Is a Google Partner?

Google Partners are agencies that manage multiple Google Ads accounts for other companies and have passed the minimum requirements needed to be awarded a Google Partner status. Once you pass all the requirements, you are awarded a Google Partner badge which we can then showcase to clients to prove that you have expert knowledge in Google Ads. With a Google Partner status, we get access to a range of resources and support to help you grow and manage your ad accounts.


Niall Reck the owner of Graphedia says “It is great for our company, we are absolutely thrilled with the partner status. We strive to keep moving forward and to give our customers the best and latest services. It really shows the hard work we here at Graphedia put into achieving results for our customers.”

So if you need help with your AdWord Campaign don’t hesitate to contact us

Consumer insights for Google Search Phrases


See a list of top keyphrases that you may find interesting and apply to your own business.  Are you using any of the types of phrases below in your blogs, content and meta data?

What people are searching

Early gift shopping

YoY searches for “best christmas” have grown  30%
Ex: best christmas gifts 2021, best christmas movies, best christmas markets in europe, best christmas songs

WoW searches for “christmas gift ideas” have grown 30%
Ex: christmas gift ideas for her, christmas gift ideas for him, christmas gift ideas for kids

YoY searches for “christmas markets” have grown  300%
Ex: christmas markets 2021 uk, best christmas markets in europe, christmas markets

YoY searches for “gift shops near me” have grown  60%
Ex: best gift shops near me, customized gift shops near me, unique gift shops near me

Source: Year over Year – Google Data, Global English, Aug 31, 2021–Oct 29, 2021 vs Aug 31, 2020–Oct 29, 2020

Holiday shoppers plan to take full advantage of retailers’ omnichannel options, which is likely to boost ecommerce sales 13% over last year

On average, 63% of holiday shoppers surveyed across select countries would like to receive communication about the holidays from retailers and/or brands in November, up from 31% who like to receive holiday communication in October.

Source: Google-commissioned Ipsos COVID-19 tracker, AU, BR, CA, CN, DE, ES, FR, IN, IT, JP, MX, RU, KR, UK, US, ZA, “~n=300-830 online consumers 18+ per market who will shop for the holiday season,” Oct 21–24, 2021

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Holiday travel

YoY searches for “best place to stay” have grown  60%
Ex: best place to stay in goa, best place to stay in paris, best place to stay in hawaii, best place to stay in dubai

YoY searches for “best places to travel in” have grown 100%
Ex: best places to travel in december, best places to travel in november, best places to travel in january, best places to travel in february

YoY searches for “last minute hotel deals” have grown  70%
Ex: last minute hotel deals london, last minute hotel deals near me, secret last minute hotel deals

YoY searches for “travel rules” have grown 600%
Ex: travel rules, travel rules uk, new travel rules

On average, 62% of holiday shoppers surveyed across select countries say they will browse for gift ideas online – not in store.

On average, 57% of holiday shoppers surveyed across select countries say they will confirm online that an item is in stock before going to buy it.

Source: Year over Year – Google Data, Global English, Aug 31, 2021–Oct 29, 2021 vs Aug 31, 2020–Oct 29, 2020

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Niall Reck Digital Designer - Merry Christmas

Food for thought

Salesforce research found retailers that offered curbside, drive-thru and in-store pickup options saw their sales increase by 54% YoY in the five days leading up to Christmas 2020, compared with 34% for retailers that did not offer those options.

Source: CNBC, US, “Salesforce projects retailers will pay $223 billion extra for goods in the second half,” Jul 20, 2021

Salesforce predicts that online sales will continue to grow – up to 10% in the US and 7% around the globe. In other words, between November and December, online shoppers will spend $259B in the US and $1.2T globally.

Source: Salesforce, Global, “Extra holiday insight thanks to data from over 1 billion global shoppers,” Oct 1, 2021

Mobile commerce – the fastest-growing ecommerce channel – is expected to increase 18.8% to $97.15B during the holiday season, with most of that activity flowing through apps

Source: Google-commissioned Ipsos COVID-19 tracker, AU, BR, CA, CN, DE, ES, FR, IN, IT, JP, MX, RU, KR, UK, US, ZA, “~n=300-830 online consumers 18+ per market who will shop for the holiday season,” Oct 21–24, 2021

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We would be interested in your thoughts on above, contact us today

Niall Reck (graphedia) with 3 Irish Wolfhounds

Pleasure to write an article for visit wexford, about my 3 favourite running routes with the Wolfhounds in wexford town. Enjoying below

Running with the Wolfpack

3 scenic dog friendly runs around Wexford Town

You can read full article here https://www.visitwexford.ie/running-in-wexford/

My name is Niall Reck from Wexford, a leisure runner and local business owner of Graphedia.com.  I normally always run with my dogs, 3 Irish Wolfhounds.  I would be a leisure runner mainly 10k max are my runs, but I try to mix it up with hills and scenic views.  Here are a few of my favourite dog friendly routes, I hope you enjoy!

Routes: I have 3 routes for you, from easy flat to calf crushing hills

  1. Wexford Town (nice and flat, small hills)
  2. Ravens Forest / Curracloe Beach
    2 routes,
      1. Gravel path and beach, (flat)
      2. Through the forest and then beach (lots of humps and bumps 😊)
  1. Three Rocks (all hills, calf crusher)

You can read full article here https://www.visitwexford.ie/running-in-wexford/


€9,000 Digitalisation Vouchers for companies of 10 employees & over

A new fund available through Enterprise Ireland to provide strategic intervention for any eligible company wishing to develop a digital adaption plan

Digitalisation Voucher

The new Digitalisation Voucher is a 100% funded grant which provides support to companies as they seek to access the expertise needed to develop a digital roadmap for their business. This expertise can take the form of independent technical or advisory services that relate to the current and future operations of the business, with respect to assessing their digital readiness and identifying opportunities for increased digitalisation across the business.

Description of funding

  • the voucher covers the provision of technical or advisory services related to the operations of the business, from an approved service provider up to a value of €9,000
  • a maximum daily rate of €900 shall apply
  • the support will be provided over a relatively short period but it may be spread out over a maximum of 8 weeks

Eligible Projects must include one or more of the following activities:

  • internal process optimisation (Lean-Digital-Automation)
  • customer digital experience (Product, Service, Route to Market, Channels)
  • data-driven decision making


Improve your website and its presence Contact us today for more information


Eligible companies

Manufacturing or internationally traded services companies which:

  • employed 10 or more full time employees on their payroll on 29 February 2020; or
  • employed 10 full time employees at the time of application
  • as part of the application you will need to complete a digital assessment scorecard from Enterprise Ireland globalambition.ie/scorecard which will provide an overview of your current digital readiness

In order to be eligible for funding, companies must:

  • have experienced, or are projected to experience, a 15% or more reduction in actual or projected turnover or profit as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak; the reduction in turnover or profit of 15% or more relates to a comparable quarter in 2019 or 2020
  • or have had a significant increase in operational costs as a result of COVID-19
  • not have been Undertakings in Difficulty at 31 December 2019 and/or at the date of application, as provided for in State aid law. An exception to this is micro and small undertakings (that is, undertakings with fewer than 50 employees and less than €10m of annual turnover and/or balance sheet value) provided that at the moment of providing the support, they are not subject to collective insolvency procedure under national law


Improve your website and its presence Contact us today for more information


Announcing the new fund, the Tánaiste said:

“Now, as we cautiously emerge from these necessary public health restrictions and global markets begin to open up again, the government will continue to help businesses in their next phase of recovery and adaptation.”

Enterprise Ireland CEO Leo Clancy said:

“The new €51 million fund is intended to ensure that Irish businesses continue to be supported in recovery from the impact of COVID-19. To date, Enterprise Ireland has approved more than €181 million in COVID-19 financial supports under the Sustaining Enterprise Fund protecting more than 27,500 jobs.

“As economies reopen, ongoing investment in business-critical areas is vital to the long-term growth of companies.”


Improve your website and its presence Contact us today for more information

Full article here



Shop Local Online this year – Shop & Support Irish

We have put together a list of local Ecommerce businesses that we have worked with that you can shop online while stuck at home this pandemic.

All offering Click and collect, delivery within a day.  We hope you can support some of these superlative businesses and remember shopping local online helps protects jobs and communities.

Let’s shop local and support Irish businesses this year.


Beauty Products


Electronics & Tech

  • Joyce’s Electrical Store ~ Irelands largest provider of electrical goods in the South East, Your online store for best prices for Large & Small Appliances, Tv & Tech.
  • CMS Ireland ~ Printers & Toners Online

Entertainment (Halloween & Christmas)

Food & Takeaway


  • All Occasions Hampers ~ the home of luxury Irish hampers, the finest Irish products to create hampers like no other.
  • Barkers Gift Store ~ is a treasure trove of the latest kitchen gadgets, gift ideas, cookware, crystal and home interiors
  • Beveledge Wood Crafts ~ a range of side tables, clocks, mirrors, lamps and more
  • Christening Elegance ~ for all your Irish Handmade Christening gowns, Dresses for Boys & Girls, from Bibs to Booties
  • Irelands Own ~ Irelands most well know irish magazine now online
  • Jackfords Spirits ~ Irish Potato Gin our unique gin delivers the earthy tones of the rich Wexford soil
  • John Rattigan Jewellers ~ all the latest jewellery and watch trends with beautiful classic diamond and gold jewellery.
  • Paula Malone Carty ~ Prints for sale, Digital Photography Courses  & Vouchers
  • Shane Tubrid Furniture ~ design and make bespoke and limited-edition luxury furniture
  • Silver Fox Hampers ~ take home a taste of the Silver Fox with our Silver Fox Food Company product range
  • Simone Walsh ~ Irish Prints online & original paintings, table mats, coasters and my new range of Greeting cards.
  • Taste Wexford ~ working closely with these local producers to develop the bespoke Christmas Taste Wexford Boxes
  • The Wood Turning Studio ~ handcrafted beautiful wooden pieces from locally sourced Irish timber

Hardware & construction

  • AMPM Safety ~ online Training courses for Safe Pass, Manual Handling, First Aid, Abrasive Wheels & Fire Safety Training, Wexford, SouthEast
  • Coatek ~ Ireland’s leading Glass Coating & Films Specialists in Solar / Anti-Glare Window Film
  • E – Auctions ~ Auctioneers of the re-sale of Industrial & Commercial Assets
  • Fire Products Direct ~ supplier of fire products, Fire Blankets, Fire Safety Signage, more
  • Firm Safety Products ~ Defibrillators & Resuscitation. Dressings & Wound Care. Empty Bags & Cases
  • Gasweld ~ supply Welding Consumables, Welding Machines and Engineering Equipment online
  • Haven Tools ~ Haven is your one-stop centre for all gardening, DIY and construction tool hire and sales
  • Heat Pumps ~ heating, solar & geo thermal
  • Shop Fit Direct ~ Shop Fittings · Slatwall Panels · Slatwall Inserts
  • TJ O’Mahonys ~ Ireland’s No1 Builders Merchant & DIY Store. Fast Online Delivery Available
  • Work Wear Centre ~ suppling head to toe protective clothing and equipment, chefswear, janitorial products and promotional wear

Health & Wellness

Home & Garden

  • Kenny Fuels Home Heating Oil ✓ Agri Diesel ✓ Fuel ✓ Gas Oil ✓ Kerosene ✓ Tanks ✓ Lubricants
  • Lily Bloom Florists ~ Flowers, Gift Bouquets & Arrangements for that Special Occasion.
  • Marquee Hire ~ Marquee & Furniture Hire Specialists
  • Mr Oil ~ 7 day delivery service, Buy Online for best price heating oil
  • Newline Oil ~ Suppling Home Heating Oil to all of County Wexford & Kilkenny
  • Number 10 Design ~ Interior Design Online Shop by Elaine Mackenzie-Smith
  • PK Tiles ~ specialising in Bathroom Furniture, Natural Stone, Bathroom Tiles, Floor Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Mosaics Tiles, Wall Tiles, Laminate wood
  • Robinson Farms ~ Specialists in Hay and Haylage feeding champions all over the world


  • Trax Music Store ~ for all your Music Needs, Guitars, Music Books, Pianos, Musical Instruments, Drums, Sound & Lighting for sale.
  • Sue Furlong Music ~ Diverse treasure trail of original songs for children and choirs of all ages


  • Fortunes Pharmacy ~ full pharmacy service in addition to our online store delivering nationwide.
  • Grants Pharmacy ~ for all your medical needs based in Wexford, Gorey, Enniscorthy & Arklow
  • Rosslare Pharmacy ~ catering for the needs of newborns right through to our more senior customers.


  • DB Fitness Products ~ Sports equipment, Balms & Gels
  • Declan Barron Hurleys ~ Handcrafted Hurleys specialises in handcrafting every hurley to suit each player’s requests
  • Hunting & Fishing ~ Hunting Gun Fishing & Outdoor Adventure Shop
  • Maher Handmade Hurls ~ Paul Maher handmade hurls uses the finest quality timber to handcraft each hurl individually with the greatest skill and care
  • My Sport ~ Online Sports Shop, Running Shoes & Accessories & Sports Equipment
  • Overlanders ~ Motorcycle Transportation Specialists and Adventure Motorcycles Online Store
  • Pop Up Races ~ Irelands premier chip timing provider offering affordable chip timing and complete event management services for your race
  • The Bike Shop ~ the ultimate ‘One Stop Shop’ for anybody interested in cycle racing, mountain biking

Women’s Shoes & Clothing

  • Divine ~Womens Clothing Boutique
  • Si Jolie ~ Womens Boutique specialising in both day wear and occasion wear.
  • Shoes Direct ~ for those hard to find sizes, widths and styles! Pumps, Wedges, Casual Styles Outdoor/Hiking, Sandals, Slippers, Workwear Shoes Online.

Men’s Clothing

  • Corcorans Menswear ~an extensive collection of brands to choose from such as Gant, SeaBury, Barbour and more
  • Hores Stores ~ offer leading brands in menswear, jeans, shoes, sports, childrens and more.


  • Byrnes Online ~ Here you will find a wide range of LEGO sets and toys for kids of all ages! Free shipping in Ireland
  • Dublin City Comics (not one of ours customers, but they have a wide range of Comics, Gunpla, Statues, Action Figures
  • Johnny Magory ~ Childrens books, helps families reconnect with Ireland’s wonderfully unique wildlife and heritage.


And if you have some extra few euros, we have some excellent local Charites that would love your help this year.  Why not donate as little as €5 or buy something from their online shops

  • Friends of Wexford Hospital ~ ALL monies raised for Friends of Wexford General Hospital go directly to the charity
  • Hope Support Centre ~ was founded in 1999 by a group of people who were affected by cancer
  • Sensational Kids ~ Ireland’s only Child Development and Learning store run as a social enterprise.
  • Tracie Lawlor Trust ~ for Cystic Fibrosis was set up after the death of Tracie (24) by her family and friends
  • Wexford Hospice ~ need to provide a home based Palliative Care Service in County Wexford
  • Wexford Marine Watch ~ a voluntary organisation which provides Suicide Prevention Patrols along Wexford Quays, Estuary & Harbour
  • Wexford Rape Crisis ~ a service offering counselling to both men and women and young people aged 12 and over


And that’s it We hope you can support some of these superlative businesses and remember shopping local online helps protects jobs and communities, Share this page if you want to help.


If you want to create your own Ecommerce website or upgrade your site contact us today.

Don’t forget Grants of up to €2500 for any business to upgrade their website to sell online, allow Graphedia to help you make sales while you sleep


Web Programmer Jobs in Wexford

This position has been filled

Graphedia are looking to recruit a Senior Web Programmer to join our expanding team. This is an excellent opportunity to join a creative and vibrant work environment. We offer flexibility and freedom in return for passion and commitment. It is a relaxed work atmosphere with a great team of people.

Key requirements:

  • High Proficiency in PHP – at least 3-4 years in a working capacity
  • Excellent Knowledge in WordPress and plugin development, JavaScript / jQuery
  • Experienced in developing for CMS systems (WordPress)
  • Able to work both as an individual and as part of a team
  • Knowledge of WordPress installation, configuration, administration security and optimisation
  • Web hosting, email set up, and DNS knowledge
  • Apple and Android development of web apps would be desirable but not essential.


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Website development, content publishing
  • Website management queries from clients. Debug complex issues and bugs using debugging tools
  • Conduct code reviews to maintain a clean and consistent code
  • Liaise with team members, clients, and 3rd party service providers
  • Provide support to the digital team
  • Liaise directly with clients to ensure their web requirements are managed
  • Customer phone support queries and dealing with clients



  • 2-3 Years Experience with commercial web development projects
  • Experience with industry standard design packages such as PHP, WordPress and plugin development, JavaScript / jQuery, MySql
  • Usability – understanding of how customers interact with websites and how to improve and innovate on same
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to multi-task and ensure flawless execution and delivery
  • Passionate about all things web related
  • Good responsive design and user interface design.

Interested? Contact us today>>

Experience Essential for this role

Email [email protected] with the subject line “Web Programmer”

If you have previously sent in your cv for similar roles, please send in again

Graphedia  is an Equal Opportunities Employer

All applications taken in the strictest of confidence, contact Niall if you have any queries

GDPR Cookie Policy on websites update

  In April 2020, following a survey carried out by the Data Protection Commission (DPC), a report was published into the usage of cookies and tracking technologies on Irish websites and mobile apps.

Do you need to do anything, YES YOU DO

Any website, has until 5 October 2020 to comply with new laws governing cookies and tracking technologies. Regulation 5 of the ePrivacy Regulations and GDPR are the relevant pieces of legislation that govern the new laws on cookies and tracking technologies.   you can read full report here In order to comply fully with the legislation, you will need an advanced cookie policy generator for your website, one that can scan your website and identify the cookies and technologies that your website uses. We use one such cookie policy generator on our website, see sample below. Very Important Changes Concerning the GDPR Amendments affecting Websites

You have 3 options when installing automatic cookie policies on your website that comply with the new laws:

Contact us today for pricing and to find out what you require

Please find below GDPR cookie compliance checklist to help you and please also refer to the Guidance document on Cookies.

GDPR Cookie Compliance Checklist

  1. Ensure to have a cookie banner on your website
  2. Ensure the cookie banner gives the browser the options to accept and reject cookies or select preferences. If the browser is only given the option to accept, this type of consent is not GDPR compliant.
  3. Ensure to have a cookie policy on your website.
  4. Ensure your cookie policy is easy to find and easy to understand.
  5. Ensure you have a data privacy notice displayed on your website and it is easy to find and understand.
  6. Obtain a list of all the cookies that are operating on the website and the function they carry out. You will also need this for your cookie policy.
  7. Ensure the list of cookies is grouped into necessary and non-necessary cookies that are operating on your website.
  8. Obtain user consent before non-necessary cookies are set on the browser’s computer device. Do not use pre-ticked boxes. Communication and necessary cookies do not require consent. The list created from No. 7 above will assist you here.
  9. Make it possible for website users to change their cookie settings easily and provide comprehensive information about the cookies operating on your website.
  10. Only use the cookies for the purposes that have been outlined in your cookie banner/consent. Do not use them for any other purpose. It is all about transparency.
  11. If your website requires user consent for cookies, ensure that there is a record of cookie consents. The Data Protection Commission will ask for proof of consents if your website is audited.
  12. Ensure your website is compliant on or before the 5 of October 2020. From the 6 of October 2020 the Data Protection Commission will commence the auditing of websites.

Again, the cookie policy generator that we can set up and install for you will do all of the above Contact us for details



Government Announcment today

Online Trading Grants extended with grants available up to €2,500 to get your business selling online

The support is available to cover 90% (previously 50%) of the costs of an online initiative and recipients can claim up to €2,500

The vouchers are targeted at businesses with the following profile:

  • Limited or no e-commerce presence;
  • 10 or less employees;
  • Turnover less than €2m;
  • Applicant business must be trading for at least 6 Months;
  • Business must be located in the area covered by the LEO to whom they make their application i.e. LEOs cannot accept applications from businesses located outside their jurisdiction.

Graphedia can take your business to the next step and trade online.  Contact us today>>

Does your Business Need a Greater Online Presence? Graphedia are here to help!

Did you know that sales from websites have increased by over 400% in the past few months?

Your doors may be closed but customers could still be ordering from you ….on line…. easily & securely.  Graphedia.com will fully create, design & launch your Ecommerce website. We are trusted providers for Ecommerce Industry for the past 20 years, so our experience can get your business selling on line immediately.

If your business has availed of a Trading Online Voucher in the past, you can still apply for a second voucher to upgrade your website.


Check out some of our work

Graphedia Win Cusomter Excellence Award, pictured here with Allan Shine CEO of County Kildare Chamber, Sarah & Niall Reck from Graphedia

Graphedia Win Customer Excellence Award at the County Kildare Chamber Business Awards 2019 Sponsored by the Treacy Group.

Cusomer Excellence Award 2019 - County Kildare Chamber

Graphedia are delighted to have won the County Kildare Chamber Customer Excellence Award at a glittering Black Tie awards ceremony in the Killashee Hotel Kildare recently.

Graphedia were judged by a panel of experts who recognised Graphedia’s commitment to achieving the highest possible Customer Excellence. We would like to thank our loyal customers for their continued support. The Award was collected by Niall & Sarah Reck on the night.

Graphedia are established 20 years and have been based in Kildare 5 years now are over the moon with the recognition,  Niall said “ We are thrilled to have won this award, it means a lot to the team in Graphedia who work very hard in keeping our standards high when looking after our customers.  We have some amazing customers and it is great to get recognised like this.”

The Customer Excellence Award is designed for businesses who can demonstrate excellence and achievement within the field of customer care and service. Entrants would demonstrate excellence through their customer service objectives and strategy, business performance, customer care activities, staff development plans and show how this has driven business growth.



Carve On Win Ecommerce Award sponsored by Graphedia

Carve On win the Ecommerce Award sponsored by Graphedia at the County Kildare Business Awards 2019

Over 360 business leaders from across Kildare attended the Kildare Business Awards Gala Ball in association with Kildare County Council and LEO Kildare on Friday night in The Killashee Hotel

3 finalists were shortlisted for the award on the night

  • Pop Up Races,
  • Carve On
  • Johnny MaGory

Carve on won it on the night

Founded by Gary and Alan McCormack, Carve On design and manufacture a broad range of goods from premium vegetable tanned leather. Specialising in the customisation and personalisation, Check out their website https://www.carveon.com/

A very big congratulations to Gary, Alan, Robert & Team

Online Ecommerce Ideas for Halloween ~ Will you Trick or Treat your Customers

Halloween is a great chance for retailers to connect with their customers in ways that aren’t available any other time of the year.

Halloween-themed promotions and creative marketing can help your business pique customer interest and bring new people through the door and to your website.

Shopping trends of millennials show they are more willing to spend on experiences than things. For an event like Halloween, a millennial might spend more on a costume for one night than piece of daily attire with no sentimental value.

According to Visa

The rate of growth in eCommerce spending quickened markedly to a six-month high of +7.7% year-on-year in October, from +2.3% in September. Meanwhile expenditure on the high street was up +2.2% on an annual basis, the best performance since June. High street expenditure has now risen on an annual basis in each of the past 14 months.

Take a moment what do you think of when you think of Halloween

  • Trick or treat,
  • Fancy Dress,
  • Sweets,
  • peanuts,
  • Fireworks,
  • Bonfires,
  • Witches and Ghouls,
  • Joker,
  • Clowns,
  • Zombies,
  • Ghosts,
  • Spooky Tours,
  • Devil,
  • the number 666
  • House Decorations,
  • I’m sure you have others

Now can you embrace any of these and bring into your online experience, we would love to hear your ideas

You don’t have to be a Halloween retailer to get into the holiday spirit, and even just a little bit of Halloween goes a long way in letting your customers know you have the seasonal items they want.

Here are 7 ideas to get your business ready for Halloween Online

  1. Design a Halloween-Themed Logo & Website
    add in some festive flair for Halloween to your brand, Create a spooky look for your storefront, website & Social media activities
  1. Halloween themed Coupons
    For example, create a themed pop-up coupon that appears when a customer first enters your store Offer them 10% off for something or give something Halloween Themed away with their order
  1. Host A Halloween Event or a Halloween Giveaway
    It doesn’t matter if you’re five or 85, everyone likes a party, so give the people what they want in the form of a themed event to celebrate Halloween
  1. Send a Halloween Newsletter
    The numbers don’t lie: Email has an ROI of around 4,300%, 70% of people make use of coupons or discounts they learn about from email, and 60% of people say that receiving special offers is the top reason they subscribe to an email list from a business.
  1. Halloween Blog Posts
    Get more traffic from Google with a blog post on “Halloween Gift Ideas”
  2. Create Halloween-Inspired Products & Bundles
    nform people of the Halloween type products / services you have to offer

We hope you get some tips here to inspire you and make you look spooktacular, contact us today if you would like get creative

Trading Online LEO vouchers, Make Sales While You sleep


To get 10,000 Irish businesses online for the first time and to get a further 2,000 Irish SMEs trading online over a period of two years, the Government have introduced a “trade-onlinevoucher scheme as part of the National Digital Strategy.

This allows businesses to secure funding for 90% of their projects spend, up to a maximum reclaim of €2,500.

We have hundreds of customers selling online throughout Ireland and we would look forward to working with you too.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Us.

Click here to view some of our recent Ecommerce work

What the vouchers can be used for:

  • Development or upgrade of an e-commerce website
  • Implementing Online payments or booking systems
  • Purchase of Internet related software
  • Purchase of online advertising
  • Developing an app (or multiplatform webpages ?)
  • Implementing a digital marketing strategy i.e. Social media marketing
  • Consultation with ICT experts for early stage adopters of online strategy
  • Training/ skills development specifically to establish and manage an on-line trading
  • Activity

What the vouchers cannot be used for:

  • Businesses that are not already trading
  • Development of brochure websites
  • Purchase of non-internet related software
  • Anything other than online trading related activity
The vouchers are targeted at businesses with the following profile:
  • No online presence or companies seeking to improve their online presence
  • < than 10 employees
  • < turnover of €2m per annum

Contact us today for a consultation

Graphedia Sponsor the ECommerce Award in the 2019 County Kildare Chamber Business Awards.

One of the most recognised, reputable business awards in the country, Graphedia are very proud to sponsor the Ecommerce Award this year.

The awards on the 29th of November in the Killashee Hotel, recognise the efforts businesses are making year on year to thrive and succeed.

If you a Kildare Business and have an Ecommerce website apply today, before Friday 20th September

To apply for the Ecommerce award click here

Click here for all categories

Graphedia is one of the largest creators of Ecommerce Websites in the South East, with our motto “Create sales while you sleep” and over 8 million Euros in online transactions to date, we are very proud to have Sponsored the Award for the past 5 years and look forward to this year’s event, and wish all applicants the best of luck.

Previous Winners Include:

ECommerce In Ireland & Award

This award category is aimed at businesses keen to show how they are harnessing the latest business thinking and technology to keep them at the cutting edge when selling or trading online. For this category, the judges are looking for evidence of a successful E-commerce website, and selling online. The Business should be forward thinking with a determination to strive for continued success by pushing the boundaries. The winning business in this category should have an excellent appreciation of how new technology can deliver a competitive advantage.

To apply for the Ecommerce award click here


Selling & Taking Payments Online: Prepare for upcoming ‘Strong Customer Authentication’ (SCA) regulation before September 14th


This is a new security measure to cut card fraud and is fast approaching.

It is important that you act on this, if you do not it is highly likely that customers will start experiencing problems paying online after September 14th

At present the only information that is required when making an online payment is the credit card number, expiry date and CVV number.  If you are already using 3D secure payments, you may be providing much of this information already, If not you will need to take action.

The new requirements are being introduced to provide greater protection against fraud and are called Strong Customer Authentication or SCA for short. These are part of the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) published in 2018, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is intended to make payments more secure, requiring online sellers to implement more stringent methods of ensuring the payments they are taking are genuine.

The system is designed to protect consumers, retailers and card issuers from fraud, but genuine transactions were inevitable collateral damage. Not every retailer used the additional layer of security but new regulations coming in the next few months will require most online payments to be subject to stronger authentication.

The main requirement for business owners

Under SCA, companies will have to verify a customer’s identity by two of the three following elements: something the customer possesses – i.e. the credit card, mobile device or smart card; something only the user knows, such as a password or PIN; and something that the user is, which means biometrics such as a fingerprint or facial scan.

In order to do this a significant amount of additional information is required by payment processors to be able to deal with these new requirements and your website will have to provide this information and make sure that it is in the correct format prior to sending it to the payment processor.

The main requirement for the customer

There will now be an extra step in the checkout process where customers will have to enter codes or use biometric authentication through their banking app to approve the payment.

  1. Payments Over €50 will be Subject to the new regulations.
  2. While smaller payments may not be subject to SCA, if you are taking payments larger payments > €50 the new requirements will apply.

The following must be provided by your customer when trying to make a payment:

  • Customer’s Phone Number
    The customer’s phone number must be provided and must be correct including country code (The user will have to have the ability to receive a text message).
  • Customer’s Eircode
    The customer’s eircode must be provided and correct.
  • Customer’s Billing Address
    The customer’s billing address including country must be provided and correct.

If the above information is not provided and correct it is very likely that payments will start failing authentication and you will start experiencing customer service problems.

Many payment forms collect much of this data already, but some do not validate the format of the data and many currently do not transmit this data to the payment processor.

We would recommend that you get this checked with us to avoid issues on September 14th.


For more information





Graphedia €2500 Trading Online Grant Ad : Star Trek Inspired

Graphedia €2500 Trading Online Grant Ad : Star Trek Inspired, Our New Ad to promote Ecommerce Website design & the Trading Online Voucher Scheme – up to €2,500 grant available

Grow your business and sell online today with Graphedia.com, with help from this Government grant scheme, designed to assist small businesses.

We are all ears, so let us help you “make sales while you sleep”, be superlative

More information about the grant scheme click here

Contact us if you require any more information

Pittman Traffic and Safety Solutions with the Ecommerce award at the County Kildare Business Awards 2018

Pittman Traffic and Safety Solutions win the Ecommerce Award sponsored by Graphedia at the County Kildare Business Awards 2018

Over 360 business leaders from across Kildare attended the Kildare Business Awards Gala Ball in association with Kildare County Council and LEO Kildare on Friday night in The K Club.

3 finalists were shortlisted for the award on the night

  • Pop Up Races,
  • Car On
  • Pittman Traffic and Safety Solutions

Pittman Traffic and Safety Solutions won it on the night

The MC on the Night was Keith Barry and had some fun with Owners Niall & Sarah before announcing the award, have a look at pics below


Santas MAgical Trail 2018 Launch, Niall from Graphedia, dressed up as an elf with the team from Clanard Court hotel

The Award Winning Santas Magical Trail website is now live.  Now in its 10th year the website is a more robust reliable system, that can deliver and perform, meeting customers expectations.  (Santas Magical Trail 2018 Launch, Niall from Graphedia, dressed up as an elf with the team from Clanard Court Hotel promoting the Sleep over part of the experience)

Santa’s Magical Trail – a fun filled and action-packed experience for children young and old!

The new ECommerce Website was designed and developed by Graphedia Kildare, the new cusotm buile Event Booking Software / System integrated with WordpPress backend has a host of custom built features to help people book the event and hotel rooms online.  The success of the site meant that dates with hotel rooms were sold out within hours.

Visit the new website here https://www.santasmagicaltrail.ie/

Full details of the website development can be read here https://www.graphedia.ie/website-design-kildare-wexford-portfolio/santas-magical-trail-booking-engine/

Santas Magical Trail won the Ecommerce Award at the County Kildare Chamber Business Awards in 2017 https://www.graphedia.ie/santas-magical-trail-wins-top-ecommerce-award/

Bride Street Gang are back for Wexford Marathon Team Relay 2018


Graphedias one of the sponsors of this years Wexford Maratho, are sponsoring team “Bride Street Gang” in entering the  Wexford Marathon 2108 Team Relay. The team consists of Niall Reck (owner of Graphedia.com) and his fellow Bride Street childhood buddies, Dermot Foley, Gavin Hayes & Paul Hillis, who all grew up in the mean streets of Bride Street 😊 (OK Paul just go with it you are getting in on a technicality that your good wife is truly one of the gang members 😊)

We are putting out a challenge to any company or team to try and beat us at this years Wexford Marathon Team Relay.

Bride Street Gang are back for Wexford Marathon Team Relay 2018

We claim (are) to be the best looking, coolest and fastest team on the day and we have the photos to prove it (check out our superlative Running Shirts) and we challenge any team to beat us on

  • Coolest Team Photo
  • Most Awesome Team Name
  • Best Time on the day

We are Laying the smack down, So tag us on your entry to this years marathon, lets have some fun and see if you are cooler than us 40 year old studs.

Register online today http://www.wexfordmarathon.com/apply/

All proceeds go to great cause “It’s Good to talk


Can you beat the Bride Street Gang

Thanks to Lee Robinson Photography for the photos and Sportkit / Promotex for the Running Shirts.

Bride Street Gang are back for Wexford Marathon Team Relay 2018

Check out last years article Graphedia Sponsor & Take part in Wexford Marathon


Speed Update from Google: Page Speed for Mobile Search Rankings

Starting in July 2018, Google will use mobile page speed as a ranking in their mobile search results.

People want to be able to find answers to their questions as fast as possible — studies show that people really care about the speed of a page. Although speed has been used in ranking for some time, that signal was focused on desktop searches. Recently Google announced that starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

The “Speed Update,” as they are calling it (a new ranking algorithm), will only affect pages that deliver the slowest experience to users and it will only impact a small percentage of queries. It applies the same standard to all pages, regardless of the technology used to build the page. The intent of the search query is still a very strong signal, so a slow page may still rank highly if it has great, relevant content.

Full article here

So what does this mean ??

So make sure your site loads fast for desktop but especially mobile, if your website is a year or 2 older now time to come in for tune up and get those websites running.  Although speed is one element of ranking as Google says it is all about relevant content.  Put time into your content, if you have great content this will get results, if it is great content with a flash fast page speed then you are a winner winner chicken dinner.


Google Analytics Data Retention and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Over the past year Google has shared how they are preparing to meet the requirements of the GDPR, the new data protection law coming into force on May 25, 2018. Today they are sharing more about important product changes that may impact your Google Analytics data, and other updates in preparation for the GDPR. This is important and requires action even if you are not based in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Product Updates

Today Google introduced granular data retention controls that allow users to manage how long their user and event data is held on googles servers. Starting May 25, 2018, user and event data will be retained according to these settings; Google Analytics will automatically delete user and event data that is older than the retention period you select. Note that these settings will not affect reports based on aggregated data.

Action: Users of Anlaytics should review these data retention settings and modify as needed.

Before May 25, Google will also introduce a new user deletion tool that allows you to manage the deletion of all data associated with an individual user (e.g. site visitor) from  Google Analytics and/or Analytics 360 properties. This new automated tool will work based on any of the common identifiers sent to Analytics Client ID (i.e. standard Google Analytics first party cookie), User ID (if enabled), or App Instance ID (if using Google Analytics for Firebase). Details will be available on our Googles Developers site shortly.

Google say they remain committed to providing ways to safeguard your data. Google Analytics and Analytics 360 will continue to offer a number of other features and policies around data collection, use, and retention to assist you in safeguarding your data. For example, features for customizable cookie settings, privacy controls, data sharing settings, data deletion on account termination, and IP anonymization may prove useful as you evaluate the impact of the GDPR for your company’s unique situation and Analytics implementation.

Contract And User Consent Related Updates

Contract changes

Google has been rolling out updates to their contractual terms for many products since last August, reflecting Google’s status as either data processor or data controller under the new law (see full classification of our Ads products). The new GDPR terms will supplement customers current contract with Google and will come into force on May 25, 2018.
In both Google Analytics and Analytics 360, Google operates as a processor of personal data that is handled in the service.

  • For Google Analytics clients based outside the EEA and all Analytics 360 customers, updated data processing terms are available for their review/acceptance in their accounts (Admin ➝ Account Settings).
  • For Google Analytics clients based in the EEA, updated data processing terms have already been included in their terms.
  • If you don’t contract with Google for your use of our measurement products, you should seek advice from the parties with whom you contract.

Updated EU User Consent Policy

Per Googles advertising features policy, both Google Analytics and Analytics 360 customers using advertising features must comply with Google’s EU User Consent Policy. Google’s EU User Consent Policy is being updated to reflect new legal requirements of the GDPR. It sets out your responsibilities for making disclosures to, and obtaining consent from, end users of your sites and apps in the EEA.

Action: Even if you are not based in the EEA, please consider together with your legal department or advisors, whether your business will be in scope of the GDPR when using Google Analytics and Analytics 360 and review/accept the updated data processing terms as well as define your path for compliance with the EU User Consent Policy.

Find Out More

You can refer to privacy.google.com/businesses to learn more about Google’s data privacy policies and approach, as well as view their data processing terms.

Google say they will continue to share further information on their plans in the coming weeks and will update relevant developer and help center documentation where necessary.

Sean Gallagher with Niall Rec, managing director of graphedia.com. Photo: Steve Humphreys
15th March 2018

Article by Entrepreneur Sean Gallagher in the Sunday Independent on the 25th March 2018

Striking a balance in business between enjoying what we do and making time for family and community is something that many entrepreneurs struggle with. It’s a struggle that design company Graphedia’s founder, Niall Reck, seems to have mastered. A growing business and active role in his community are yielding him both success and fulfilment.

Click here for Full article

Set up by Niall Reck in 2000 and with offices in Wexford and Kildare, leading digital design company Graphedia employs four staff and has annual revenues of almost €500,000. While it’s in a competitive environment where technology is constantly developing, the company has managed to carve out a successful niche for itself in the areas of web design, graphic design, app development and digital animation.

“We look after everything for our clients from developing traditional company logos and brochure designs to web design, ecommerce websites and SEO, or search engine optimisation. We’re also an authorised Google AdWords partner,” explains Niall. “Our key strengths lie in our creativity, our innovative approach to projects and the fact that we are absolutely passionate about everything digital.”

As he introduces me to the company’s senior developer and programmer, Brendan Doyle, the pair explain what’s required for success.

“It’s all about giving users a better experience, making sites easy to navigate, encouraging engagement and having clearly defined calls to action, whether that is to buy now, sign up, download or click through for more information.

“Today’s websites and apps need to be responsive in how they looks and feel. But they also be to be optimised for specifically-targeted user traffic – and this is where the integration of social media and video come in,” says Niall. “It’s also where Google Analytics and web marketing tools become essential so you know who is visiting your site, how long they are staying, where their eyeballs have gone and where they have clicked though as a result. We used to design for desktops and then adapt for desktop but with 75pc of our clients’ users coming via mobile, we now design for mobile first,” he explains.

The company has built up a diverse mix of clients, mostly from the SME sector, ranging from retail and construction to property, tourism and hospitality to manufacturing, finance and consulting firms. In addition, it looks after the design requirements for a number of local authorities and representative bodies such as chambers of commerce.

It’s a network of customers which Niall has built up over almost 20 years of working for himself as well as from his involvement in a myriad of community, voluntary and business organisations. He is president of the Wexford Chamber of Commerce, a past president of the Rotary Club of Wexford and an active fundraiser for the local hospital. Giving back to his community is important to him.

An outgoing individual, he began working in local bars and hotels during his teens and believes that this helped him develop his strong social and interpersonal skills.

“Business is all about being able to talk to people and read people. It’s something you have to develop and learn through experience,” he says.

Having completed a diploma in product design in Carlow IT, he joined a local IT firm and quickly got to work polishing his design, sales and training skills. After three years, he felt it was time to strike out on his own and so Graphedia was born. “The name for the business came to me in a dream,” he explains. “I just saw the words graphic and media coming together and fusing in a white light to reveal the name Graphedia.

“While I love the name, and it’s well-known now, back then it was funny how much time I had to spend explaining what this hard-to-spell name actually meant and where it came from.”

Just married, he broke the news to his wife Sarah that he was leaving his job and going out on his own. She was hugely supportive and encouraged him to follow his dream.

A qualified accountant, she joined the business in 2005. In the beginning, however, he worked from the couple’s home before moving to the Wexford Enterprise Centre and later managed to buy his current premises. “There have, of course, been many challenges along the way from having to compete with larger, more established businesses to managing cashflows,” admits Niall.

“However, we faced them all head on and if I couldn’t find a way through them I found an alternative way around them,” he adds.

The first five years flew by. As a sole trader in those early years, he looked after everything. “I was still working by myself. If I am honest, I was beginning to feel a bit of a busy fool,” admits Niall. “In 2005, I signed up to do a six-month part-time owner manager’s programme with business consultant and trainer Blaise Brosnan. Blaise helped me undertake a SWOT analysis of the business and also of my own skills. Importantly, he helped me realise where I was spending most of my time, much of which was on non-billable activities.

“I realised that it was time to begin to think and work more strategically. That’s when I decided to take on extra staff, including Sarah, who now looks after the finance and office admin side of the business, to help free me up to focus more on the business development side of things. As a result, I halved my working hours and doubled my turnover,” he adds.

In 2014, in order to extend the company’s reach, he opened a second office in the Kildare Chamber of Commerce hub in Naas.

He also recently added another employee to the team and is now looking at making a further hire in the near future.

“I love this business and the industry,” explains Niall. “From mobile and apps to 3D it’s constantly changing, which is exciting. I see huge potential in the whole 3D animation side of our business. We’ve been including this as part of promotional video for customers for some time now.

“It’s not only hugely effective in improving user experience, but is a real point of differentiation for us as a company. Plus, we love doing this type of work. We see virtual reality and augmented reality as something that will also soon become mainstream in the industry. That’s the great thing about this industry, you have to be constantly moving forward. Our job will always be to serve our customers’ needs no matter what the technological trends of the day are,” he adds.


Go with your gut

Our instinct is nature’s way of guiding us. Learn to trust your gut when making decisions. It’s seldom wrong. To become successful at anything, you first have to believe in yourself and learned to trust your own judgement.

Value your team

While in business, it’s vital to value your customers but it’s also important to value your team. They are the lifeblood of any business. Treat them well and make work fun. It is absolutely possible to enjoy the journey while still getting the job done.

Give back if you can

Life is about achieving balance. My formula for happiness is family first, then business and then charity. I believe it is important to give back to your community, whether through supporting your local school, hospital, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club or other voluntary initiatives in your area. That’s part of what real success is all about.

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The Clanard Court Hotel in Athy, operators of Santas Magical Trail has scooped top ECommerce  award at the Kildare Business Awards  2017.

Santa’s Magical Trail – a fun filled and action-packed experience for children young and old!

Now in their 9th year Kildare’s Santa experience was recognised for its ECommerce excellence.

The awards took place in The K Club in November to a full house of over 300 local businesses.

The new ECommerce Website was designed and developed by Graphedia Kidlare, with a host of custom built features to help people book the event and hotel rooms online.  The success of the site meant that dates with hotel rooms were sold out within hours.

Event booking engine features

  • Allows the client to load multiple places by date and time
  • Allows the client to create multiple products or events
  • Coupon code and private booking features
  • Extendable reporting module
  • Realex payments integration
  • PDF ticketing with QR codes
  • REST API to allow external integrations

Hotel booking engine features

  • Allows the client to load bedrooms by type
  • The system automatically assigns rooms based on occupancy
  • Timer on checkout like Ticketmaster to ensure tickets are sold fairly.
  • Newsletter integration
  • Financial reports and stats
  • Full room and occupation report

You can visit the website here



Children’s charity Sensational Kids launch new website

Award winning children’s charity Sensational Kids has launched its new website which has been proudly sponsored by Kildare Website Design company Graphedia.

The charity provides affordable and accessible child development services for children of all abilities, including those with special needs and other developmental delays.

The website was built from the ground up, importing data from previous website, it is ECommerce  Responsive, with Realex Payments Integration, a donation feature, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Marketing, Rich Data Tags for e-commerce and a custom event booking plugin, with PDF tickets with QR barcodes, attendee lists and event reporting.

The collaboration between Sensational Kids and Graphedia came about when Sensational Kids was invited to do a presentation about its work to the Kildare Chamber of Commerce. One of the people listening to the Sensational Kids CEO Karen Leigh as she delivered her presentation was Niall Reck of Graphedia. He instantly offered to build a new website for the multi-award-winning charity as part of its corporate social responsibility efforts.

Karen says of the new website; “We were blown away with the generosity of his offer and even more delighted with the end results. We run an online child development shop as a fundraiser for our early intervention services for children so our website is critical to our funding streams.  Since the new website went live recently we have noticed a steady increase in sales from our online child development shop, which is helping us with our fundraising goals.  We really can’t thank Niall and his team at Graphedia enough for everything they have done for Sensational Kids.”

Niall Reck of Graphedia says Karen’s presentation inspired him to make his offer to build the website.

“When I heard Karen’s presentation I was inspired to offer her and Sensational Kids whatever services they needed. I saw an opportunity to improve on the website that they had and to make it more user friendly. The challenge was to build a website which has a bespoke design, promotes the services of Sensational Kids, has payment integration, includes a blog, accepts donations and promotes events with a ticketing option. Over two to three months we developed the custom-built website from the ground up with all of these features. It was a pleasure working with Karen and we are delighted with the end result. Graphedia was established 17 years ago in Wexford and we were delighted to have opened our Naas office three years ago.”


Sensational Kids Website Design Kildare

  • Sensational Kids helps over 200 children every month through Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Educational Psychological Assessments, Reading Tuition, Play Therapy and many more services. https://www.sensationalkids.ie
  • For further information about Sensational Kids, please visit www.sensationalkids.ie, call 045 520900 or drop into the shop and centre in Kildare Business Park, Kildare Town.
Graphedia Scoops Top Google Award – 2017 EMEA Mobile Ads Certification Challenge Award


Graphedia is proud to announce we’ve just won a top award from Google. Graphedia are certified Google Partners, as a digital agency we have been recognised as a Winner of the 2017 EMEA Mobile Ads Certification Challenge.

One of the Top Average Highest Scores in Ireland

Niall Reck attained the top mark.  Google Partners like Graphedia are focusing their efforts towards grasping the rapid advancement of mobile-centric digital advertising.

2017 EMEA mobile Ads Certification Challenge WinnerThe award recognises that Graphedia reached one of the top 10 highest average scores in the mobile ads certification challenge in Ireland. Graphedia took the Google Partners Mobile Ads Certification Challenge June 2017 and excelled in the results, demonstrating our expertise in optimising digital strategies across multiple devices.  Full details of this here

As Google notes, passing the exam is meant to show that you have “a demonstrated ability to build and optimize high-quality sites, and allows you to promote yourself as a Google accredited mobile site developer.”

Niall Reck from Graphedia said “We are thrilled with the recognition and shows the hard work and dedication the team here put into creating superlative mobile friendly websites for our customers.”

Sponsors of County Kildares Ecommerce Business Awards

Graphedia Sponsor the ECommerce Award in the 2017 County Kildare Chamber Business Awards. One of the most recognised, reputable business awards in the country.

The awards in November in the K Club, recognise the efforts businesses are making year on year to thrive and succeed.

Graphedia is one of the largest creators of Ecommerce Websites in the South East, with our motto “Create sales while you sleep” and over 5 million Euros in online transactions to date, we are very proud to have Sponsored the Award for the past 3 years and look forward to this year’s event, and wish all applicants the best of luck.

ECommerce In Ireland & Award

This award category is aimed at businesses keen to show how they are harnessing the latest business thinking and technology to keep them at the cutting edge when selling or trading online.

“With Irish consumers are now spending €850,000 an hour online, up 20 per cent on four years ago, making Ireland one of the fastest growing digital economies in the world.  The figure was contained in one of two reports, by Minister for Communications Denis Naughten, highlighting the burgeoning strength of e-commerce in Ireland.

The first report on the macro-economic impact of the internet indicated the digital economy here now encompassed 6 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), equating to €12.3 billion.   However, on the current growth trajectory this will expand to about €21.4 billion or nearly 8 per cent of GDP by 2020.” Source Irish Times

For this category, the judges are looking for evidence of a successful E-commerce website, and selling online. The Business should be forward thinking with a determination to strive for continued success by pushing the boundaries. The winning business in this category should have an excellent appreciation of how new technology can deliver a competitive advantage.


Business can apply online for awards here


The Full Irish Times Article can be read here


Graphedia are the latest company to achieve EcoMerit Environmental Certification. This leading Digital Design Agency recognises the importance of sustainability in a modern business, and chose EcoMerit as a tool to guide them on their journey, through the Greensave Program with Wexford Chamber of Commerce.

Wexford Chamber alongside Econcertive, Wexford Local Enterprise Office and Wexford County Council have run the GreenSave project.  Which aims to provide assistance to Wexford businesses to help them become more sustainable while making savings on their energy, waste and water.

‘It’s all really just common sense’, observed Owner Sarah Reck. ‘We recycle, read our electricity and water meters to help us control our usage and we monitor our business travel. Simple things like making sure we switch off lights and appliances all add up. We avoid printing out documents as much as we can and hence minimise our paper waste.’

The EcoMerit programme helps member organisations across Ireland to measure and improve their environmental performance. Certification Manager Phil Walker said ‘It’s great to work with companies like Graphedia who already have a small carbon footprint but who still seek to make new improvements each year. This year they will implement a policy of buying only sustainably sourced paper. They will also be looking more closely at the impact of their business travel.’

For more information about EcoMerit go to www.ecomerit.ie

For more information About Greensave Programm go to http://www.wexfordchamber.ie/greening-wexford-businesses/

Website Defacement:  Attack of Reputation Online

Before the widespread use of the Internet, vandals who wished to make a point—or just make a name for themselves—were limited to physical vandalization. They might grab a can of spray paint and throw their logo on the side of a store or take some other similar action. Today, however, vandals are increasingly moving online, and the resulting activity is known as website defacement. This can come in many forms, including ransomware or hackers hacking, and it could lead your website being marked as dangerous for consumers. Are you prepared for anything like that?

What is Website Defacement?

Website defacement is any activity that changes the appearance or operation of a website without the consent of the owner. It can take any number of forms, such as placing unauthorized images on the website or removing items that the owner wants to have included. Sometimes, website defacement does not change the appearance of the website, but it may alter its functionality through the placement of a malicious line of code on the site. Ransomware is a great example of this, and isn’t something that most website owners are ever aware of until it’s too late.

Don’t forget if google thinks your website has been compromised it will put a note on your website when searching saying “this site may be hacked”, and a message like this is bound to make your customers click on the competitor next in line and not trust what you are selling.

Sometimes it can be down to a poor plugins installed on a website by a user, or the website just not being secure enough.

Still other forms of website defacement take the form of an attack on reputation: hackers may, for example, put up derogatory information about an entity on the entity’s own website. For some, hackers hacking into a website and posting unsavory facts or allegations about the website’s owner is simply the way they operate.

People who engage in website defacement do so for a number of reasons. For some people, it’s just fun to cause chaos and havoc. For others, it may be a form of protest, particularly if they put up their own message on the website of a business or entity that engages in activities with which they disagree. People who engage in website defacement as a form of attack on reputation frequently have a grudge against the owner of the site—and, deserved or not, they feel that hacking into the site is the way to get even.

What Can You Do About Website Defacement?

The best thing to do to protect yourself is to use an established business that specializes in protecting websites like Graphedia.com. Get your Website built properly free from nasty plugins installed with themed websites.  We can monitor your site for you and alert you to any website defacement. This frees you to focus on other things, such as running your business or focusing on your cause.

Website defacement can be a disaster, but it doesn’t have to be. Take steps to protect yourself today, contact graphedia.com 053 9144835


Continuing from our success at being awarded Google AdWords Partners for AdWords Search Ads last year, Graphedia have been certified AdWords Mobile specialists under the Google Partner Programme showing

Our new specialization recognizes that Graphedia has demonstrated expertise and sustained client performance in mobile advertising.

The Google AdWords certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords. An AdWords certification allows Google to recognize Graphedia as an expert in online advertising.


Achieving Partner status means that we have demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise, met AdWords spend requirements and delivered agency and client revenue growth.

Our profile can be viewed https://www.google.com/partners/#a_profile;idtf=8464777227;

We now are credited with having the partner badge on our website showing that Google recognizes our agency as an AdWords certified partner.

So if you need help with your AdWord Campaign don’t hesitate to contact us


We had a lot of fun being  involved and taking part at this years Wexford Marathon, we had two teams enter “The Bride Street Gang” consisting of Niall Reck, Gavin Hayes, Dermot Foley and honorary Bride Street Member Alison Redmond from Kildare. The Second Team was Called “the Graphedia Babes” Which was Helen Sinnott, Laura Halpin, Elaine McMahon and  Ger Mulhall.

As part of the excitement and to help us run faster we got printed Limited edition racing T Shirts. See images, designed by Niall.

Happy to report “the Bride Street Gang” came in 7th and The Babes came in 21st.  One questions how we done that consider Niall was on the team and Gavin had spent a week on holidays (eating and drinking), on the beer at an Eddie Vedder concert 2 nights before and then enjoyed the Wexford Kilkenny match celebrations the day before 😊 .

Over 100 people entered the marathon and over 30 teams took part in the relay (in what is possible know as one of the toughest marathons in Ireland with the amount of hills involved), all running to raise funds for ‘Its Good 2 Talk’.  Friends of ‘Its Good 2 Talk’ Chairperson, Berna Rackard, said “We are so grateful to all of these athletes for their generosity both in terms of time and effort and the funds they have raised for our charity will really make a difference to the work that we do.  Thank you so much!”

Enjoy the photos below, hope to see more teams there next year try to take on the might “The Bride Street Gang”


You have just done a search on google for your name, and look there is a competitor paying for top position for your name.  A.K.A: They are being parasites (or maybe they don’t know this is happening). Following are some tips to let you know your rights.

A competitor bidding on your company’s name as a search term is frustrating, but it is entirely acceptable by Google.

What can you do if your competitor’s Google ad appears whenever a customer does a Google search for your company’s name?

It depends on the situation. Are they paying for bids using your name as a search term for their ad, or are they paying for your name AND using your business name in their ad?  These are two very different things and clarifying which they’re doing will show you what you can do to rectify the situation.

If your competitor is not actually using your name in an ad, but is only bidding on a search term using your name, Google will do nothing. Google’s position is stated on the AdWords website. It reads, “Google will not investigate or restrict the use of trademark terms in keywords, even if a trademark complaint is received.” However, if your company’s name is trademarked, and your competitor is using it in their actual advertising, there are things you can do to rectify the situation.


What can you do if they are using your name in their ad?

The first thing you can do is to complete a complaint form with Google, at this link:


Google are very responsive and will deal with your issue very quickly.

Before you do that, however, make sure you have a valid case to file a complaint. You’ll want to read through the rest of this article, and then take a look at Google’s trademark policies at this link:



Paying for your Name / Keyword

Competitors are allowed to bid on your company’s name and/or brand, but they shouldn’t be using it in their ad copy, pretending to be you. The only time they can use it is when they are a reseller of your services or goods.  This is called “pawning off” (to get rid of or pass off, usually by deception) and is a parasitic thing to do. In this case, you can submit a complaint to Google (they will sort it out very quickly) or you can take legal action (not so quick, but pawning off is a serious issue, so you may want to take more decisive action).

In some cases, your competitor may not aware they are doing it. This can happen if they have “broad match” switched on in their ad campaign. For example, if your company’s name ends with a generic word, like solicitor or gardener, it simply means they are paying for anything with the word solicitor or gardener in it (like Graphedia Solicitors). They are probably just paying for everything containing the word, solicitor. They are probably not aware they are doing it, unless they check all searched words in their adwords account. Most companies don’t know all the ins and outs of AdWords. In this case, a courtesy email asking them to add your name as a negative keyphrase would stop this from happening.

On the other hand, if they are paying for your business name, and your name is quite unique, like Graphedia, for example, then, you are most likely dealing with a parasite. Your competitor is looking to take business from you. This happens to many and, yes, it has happened to us.  It doesn’t just happen to big businesses either. It happens to small business owners, as well. In an odd way, it’s kind of a compliment. It means your competitor sees you as a threat. Should you be honoured? Not really. It took hard word to get where you are!


When you are dealing with a parasite, there are four things you can do to halt their actions.

  1. Send a letter or make a phone call
  2. Pay for your own name on Google
  3. Pay for their name
  4. Start a war

Now, wait just a minute. There is no need to jump to number four just yet. We want to avoid starting a war right away, no need to go Al Capone on them! (Enjoy video below please note they use bad language :)) but keep reading below


1. Send a letter or make a phone call
This should be your first option. Either telephone them or send a letter asking if they are aware of what they are doing. This is always the best approach, but it isn’t always done. Why would you do this? They obviously know what they are doing. It’s called professional courtesy and is a good place to start.

2. Pay for your own name on Google
Unfortunately, to stop it instantly you should start bidding on your own name, because it is your name, after all, and your website references your name. You will have a higher quality score and, in turn, not have to pay as much as your competitor for the word.  We have done it ourselves, and have put some entertaining ads there.

3. Pay for their name
You can approach this tit-for-tat, but, to be honest. I really see it only causing a higher bounce rate in your analytics. If someone is looking for you they will normally jump out of a site that doesn’t have your branding on it. On the other hand, however, some marketers might recommend you should be doing this. To be honest, the logic behind this trend seems sound. After all, if someone is typing in a competitor’s business name, they are interested in what your competitor has to offer, right? That means they are probably interested in what you have to offer, as well. While we’re not necessarily advising you to sink to the pathetic depths your competitor did when purchasing your name, we’re also not telling you NOT to. That’s more an ethical issue than a marketing issue. And by “ethical,” we mean, if you don’t use their name as a search term, you can claim to be taking the moral high ground to anyone who asks–or those who don’t ask, but you just happen to tell!

4. Start a war

One serious downside to bidding on a competitor’s brand name is that you are basically starting a war. They and/or you are openly inviting your competition to bid on their and/or your brand name to start poaching some of your potential sales. While bidding on their brand name will make it more expensive for them to bid on their own name, the same thing applies the other way around. Their bidding on your brand name makes it more expensive for you to convert on your own brand. We know of one funny story where two advertisig agencies were going at it with each other for a while. It even got to the stage where one of the companies created an adult orientated site based around the other company name, so when you searched for “so and so”, you got “ooh la la”.  As funny as this sounds, it ended up messy and the two companies reverted to option one, making a phone call to each other.

If this has happened to you, hopefully this article helps. It’s a good idea to do a regular search of your business and domain names on Google every now and then. You might be surprised to see who is paying for your name.

Costs for advertising on google can be as little as 10 cent per click

If this article was of any benefit to you, please let us know, we would be interested in your feedback.

Niall is co-founder and director of Graphedia.

A digital designer since 1996, Niall is zealous about helping companies grow. He does this with his team at Graphedia by creating superlative websites, intuitive apps and stunning digital assets. Niall founded Graphedia 22 years ago with a guiding belief that his clients’ success would be his company’s success. All these years later, that has proven to be true. Niall believes that focusing on providing exceptional customer service is what leads to mutual benefits.

Niall is an authorised Google partner. If you would like a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Niall Reck MBA Graphedia

Graphedia Are very Proud to be a Sponsor of this years #wexfordmarathon Wexford Marathon 11th of June 2017, in support of the nominated charity “Its good to talk”……

We will also have a couple of Graphedia Teams for the relay so look forward to whooping all of you who try and get the title  😊  Are you going to take on the Challenge

Register today for either full marathon or team relay. Visit www.wexfordmarathon.com for more details


9th of April 2017 over 2000 people run and walk the 10 k & 10 mile Hope & Dream to help raise money for 2 fantastic charities, Wexford Home Hospice & the Hope Centre.  2 great charities that care for people diagnosed with cancer and also care for the families affected by Cancer.

There isn’t a soul in the world who hasn’t been touched or affected by cancer, loved ones  & friends taken away from us too soon.  Graphedia has been one of the proud sponsors of Hope & Dream since it was created over 6 years ago. We were asked would we get involved by the creators at the time John O’Leary (My Sport), Alan Maher (Maher Consulting) and Tom Herlihy (Turkuts Barbers)

I remember them talking passionately about the Hope Centre and the Share a Dream foundation (at the time it was the share a dream foundation hence the name the name Hope & Dream) and the great work they do for kids to grandparents affected by Cancer and how they were going to organise a 10 mile run.  I asked what they would like, just a logo they said.  They spoke so passionately I offered the logo no problem, plus any graphics they need and whatever website they would like.   I remember that day designing the logo, which is still used to this day.

We at Graphedia have been proud supporters of the Hope & Dream 10 and I have been running the 10 mile for 5 years now, Battling fitness & Injuries every year, running through rain and cold winds and don’t get me started on the hills of Enniscorthy 😊.  But I think this is a good thing, it reminds us of the pain and the struggle people go through on a daily basis and my little aches and pains are nothing in the scheme of things, but it helps us create awareness.

Family Run, John O Leary (cousin), Margaret Reck (Sister) and Me, before the run

We run / walk to remember someone and raise money for charity, but it is you the carers, you are the ones we do it for, it is your compassion and love for people that inspires us to raise money, you never want for anything, never complain or strike.  You are there for people coming to terms with their illness which I can imagine is heart breaking, but you are also there for the fathers / Mothers, the Sons / Daughters the Brothers / Sisters who when alone struggle with their own emotions, always there a shoulder to cry on.  You are always there and for this we thank you.

Sarah & Niall Reck at 2017 Event, after the run

I hope going forward that you get more state aid to help you with the amazing work you do, I hope to see you all at the next event to help support these great people.  In the meantime, if you have read this simple post and you feel you want to do something to support your local hospice or Hope Centre, come run / walk the race with us next year.


If you like you can donate the 2 charities at these links.



Thank you.


A new mental health awareness campaign was launched this week by Mayor Frank Staples and the Wexford County Council.  The campaign takes the form of a series of 4 posters, each poster depicts a person removing their happy-face mask to show their “unhappy face” underneath indicating their true feelings.

The team at Graphedia where honoured to be asked to design up the posters for this campaign, photography by Paddy Donavon.  It involved setting the mode, colour and tone of the series of posters and then using photoshop to create 3 dimensional masks out for their happy smiling photos and super imposing these into hands over the sadder darker image of people with depression. See samples above and below

Each poster carries the tag line “ASK, one conversation can save a life.”

If you were to stop people on the streets, around 80 per cent of people would say that they know someone who suffers or has committed suicide, so it touches a lot of people both directly and indirectly.

At the Launch their was fascinating and very open stories of depression from Mayor Frank Staples and Alan O’Mara how it affected their lives, how they carried a mask for years, until it got too heavy to bare, 2 very inspiring stories that let people know it is ok to have depression and to speak about it with others.

So the campaign is for everyone, sometimes to be afraid to ASK for help, and don’t be afraid to Ask someone out there “Are you OK” you might need to say it 2-3 times before they let down there mask.

Well Done, to Frank, Wexford County Council and all the team involved in this truly inspiring campaign for Mental Health.


When you think of major holidays for eCommerce websites, you probably think of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. Most people wouldn’t think of St. Patrick’s Day as a holiday people spend a lot of money on. However, according to the History Channel, more than $4.14 billion dollars are spent on St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S. alone. With some 80 million people around the world with Irish ancestry, this holiday is one online retailers simply can’t afford to ignore. Sure isn’t it great to be Irish.

But what can you do to make sure you don’t miss out on your pot of gold?

Here are a few tips for getting your eCommerce site (and customer base) in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit.

Be Creative

While millions of pints of Guinness are consumed between St. Patrick’s Day and the night that follows, it doesn’t mean you need to focus solely on a few aspects of the celebration to create a hit.  What would customers outside of Ireland like to buy, some authentic Irish item, novelty items, Irish Gift Hampers, Handmade Irish Goods etc etc. Advertise anything you can that works with the celebration, from fun hats and shirts, to gadgets

Think about how many people are going to be buying clothes, gadgets, and party favors to celebrate the night, before the celebration even begins. Use this as inspiration to bring people to your eCommerce site.

Green is Good, but Don’t Overdo it

What do you think of when you think of St. Patrick’s Day? For most, the color green comes to mind immediately. Of course every business out there is going to be going green in early March to show that they’re embracing the Irish. While adding green accents is certainly a good idea, don’t overdo it. Changing your website’s entire color scheme is probably a bit too much (I know we do it, but we are different ). Instead, add splashes of green here and there where it fits. Likewise, you don’t need leprechauns or pots of gold all over the place (Unless you are doing something really clever & Creative with them, like what we do, we convert all staff images into Leprechauns, and then use these as part of the marketing message).

Use Words and Numbers Related to Luck

Being lucky is associated with St. Patrick’s Day, so try to work that in somewhere. Luck is considered a positive attribute, and connecting that to your brand can help increase sales. Use the keyword “Lucky” for your discount code or work in the number seven, which is considered a lucky number. Offer seven percent off or put some products on sale for €7.  Four Leaf Clover, Buy three items get the Fourth for Free

Run a Sale

While people may not buy as many gifts on St. Patrick’s Day as they do for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, a sale is still going to bring in extra revenue. Have a weekend sale featuring anything related to St. Patrick’s Day. Remember to advertise that sale on all of your social media, too.

These are just a few ways you can increase your sales on St. Patrick’s Day.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with unique ways of celebrating this holiday!

Some of our St Patrick’s Day Marketing we ran on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, Don’t forget to follow us to see all our shenanigans


Graphedia are proud to be one of the sponsors at the 2017 Wexford Business awards, The awards now in their 9th year, the Wexford Business Awards, are county wide awards  that recognise the entrepreneurialism, innovation, diversity and talent of businesses of all sizes and across all sectors.

“We were very pleased to be able to support the most prestigious and largest business awards in the South East which has grown in stature and size since its inception, We have been sponsoring the awards for a few years now and it is a magnificent event” said Niall Reck, Director of Graphedia.

The awards honour Wexford’s industry leaders through the acknowledgement of innovative business processes, product development, enterprise, sustainability and overall business success. Central to the ethos of the Wexford Business Awards is sound environmental and green business practices, as the awards take into consideration the green credentials of all entries, across all categories.

View the website here

Winners and runners-up in each award category and the overall 2017 Wexford Business of the Year Award, sponsored by Wexford County Council, will be announced at the official Gala Awards Ceremony by host, Hector Ó hEochagáin, on Friday 26th May 2017 in Clayton Whites Hotel.

Launching the Wexford Business Awards 2017 on 6th March was (L-R) Tom Enright, Chief Executive Wexford County Council, Karl Fitzpatrick, President Wexford Chamber, Tracey Morgan, Office & Events Manager Wexford Chamber and Niall Reck, Director Graphedia.  Pic: Ger Hore 


Some top tips to help you promote your business Online for the lovers out there

Do you Know Shoppers are surfing for cards, chocolates, flowers and jewellery for their loved ones.
Don’t forget to check what is trending among hotel breaks and candlelit meals.

Searches for romantic gifts soar by 427% in February as people get ready for valentines day

Source Google


Think about it

What do we all order, Flowers, cards, gifts and Chocolates.  Some of those lucky couples even go out for a meal (romantic meal for two, maybe an expensive meal for two) in a location close to home and the luckier ones get to stay over night in a “5 Star Hotel”, or “Luxury Hotel” in a location not so close to home. Is your business targeting any of these Key Phrases, enticing couples to your store, or your town or your country.


What would you type in to find your service.

Think what would a man type in to google lying off on the sofa and maybe 1 or 2 nights before Valentines (possibly on the day) searching on his mobile phone last minute.

Then Think what a woman would type in 1 week before valentines (it is true, women are better prepared at these things )


Top Tips for AdWords for this month

Keep Budget uncapped and increase mobile bid adjustments by at least 30% between 5pm and 10pm.

As we are authorised PPC Google Adwords Partners , Sign up for a new Google AdWord campaigns Contact us today


If you are looking for Gift Ideas, we have put together a few sites that might help


Dining Out

Gift Ideas





All of us here at Graphedia are conscious of security when it comes to using the Internet. They say that practice makes perfect, and we completely agree. That is why we are constantly improving on our techniques to practices to be bets at what we do. That’s how we can spot a dodgy site from a mile away. Yet, we understand that some of our customers and even our customer’s customers may not have the time to keep up with all the security changes that are going on.

We are not the only company who think this way, Google are also very proactive in protecting their customers from threats on the Internet. One of their latest protection ideas revolve around their web browser – Google Chrome. Beginning January 31st, they are making some subtle changes to the way Chrome recognises websites and how secure they are.


What Is An SSL?

SSL stands for “secure sockets layer” and is a form of security for sites that handle sensitive information such as customer names, phone numbers, addresses and credit card numbers. It creates a secure connection between a customer’s web browser and the server of the company they’re interacting with. Here’s an example. Let’s say you need to talk to your friend about some personal conflicts going on within your life. Would you rather talk to them in public where you run the risk of people overhearing you or would you rather have your conversation in private? An SSL gives the company and the customer the ability to communication and share information, in private.


What Changes Are Going To Be Made To Chrome?

On current versions of Chrome, when you visit a website without an SSL certificate you will see a very discrete exclamation mark beside the website address (picture below).

Current version of Chrome

This is not overly obvious to the end user, but changes being rolled out in version 56 are a little more obvious. As you can see from the below picture, the basic exclamation mark has morphed into a more obvious “Not Secure” message.

Proposed Version 56 of Chrome

Google are not stopping there, in future versions, they plan on making more changes to Chrome. One of those changes will see the new “Non Secure” message being made even more prominent by making it a bright red font to grab your attention.

Full warning in red font is planned for future upgrades

Will This Have Any Implications For My Website?

Yes, I’m afraid so – it will have implications for all websites that do not have an SSL certificate (only when users are using Google Chrome 56+). While your sites will continue to function normally, your users will see these security notices in their browser. Some users may choose to ignore them, but the fact of the matter is, everyone is concerned about security. This means that as time goes by, users will start to get uneasy when visiting your site and eventually avoid your site altogether.


Are There Any Major Benefits To Having An SSL Certificate?

Loads – absolutely loads.

  • End to End encryption
  • Prevents eavesdropping on user data (ISP’s, Not Nice Governments etc.)
  • Prevents man in the middle attacks and phishing attacks.
  • Should always be used when accepting credit cards.
  • Improves your SEO rankings in Google.
  • Improves customer trust.


Is There Anything I Can Do?

There sure is, but it will involve the obvious – purchasing an SSL certificate for your website.

Contact Niall here in Graphedia and he will fill you in on how to go about getting one for your website.


Source: Google Security Blog

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Dark Web : the part of the World Wide Web that is only accessible by means of special software, allowing users and website operators to remain anonymous or untraceable.

A little bit to help you understand the good, the bad and the ugly of “the dark web”.

By now, pretty much everyone is aware that their government can track what they do online. For this reason, the dark web is a valuable tool for those who have no interest in being followed. The dark web is, simply put, a part of the Internet that is not indexed by search engines, not easily accessible to everyone, and anonymous.

How the Dark Web Works

The dark web uses the Internet for communication between machines, just as “normal” websites do. However, accessing the dark web requires users to have specific software or configurations not available to most people.

The most popular domain suffix in the dark web is “.onion.”  This has nothing to do with small, pungent vegetables; rather, it is a reference to onion routing, a technique that uses encrypted information layered like the leaves of an onion. A full exploration of how it works is beyond the scope of this discussion. However, suffice to say, onion routing makes it much easier to hide online activity.

Users of the dark web frequently use Tor software. Tor is an acronym for “The Onion Router” and is a part of the onion routing setup. While it is not required to use Tor, it is far and away the most popular method of accessing the dark web.


Problems with the Dark Web

Of course, anonymity can lead to problems, and the dark web is no exception. It has been used for such unsavory activities as weapon and drug sales, contracts to engage in illegal activities, and so on.

One popular website was the Silk Road. The Silk Road was essentially an online market where people could purchase any number of illegal items using bitcoin currency. The United States federal government investigated the site and, in October of 2013, shut it down and arrested its founder. Ross Ulbricht was charged with conspiracy to traffic narcotics, computer hacking, and money laundering. (There were also issues with a murder-for-hire case, but that case is still pending.)

Still, as with anything else, the dark web does have good uses. For example, in some countries where free speech is restricted, it is used for political activities.

Be aware that—even on the dark web—it might still possible for a determined government actor to identify and track activity. Thus, users should not assume they are completely anonymous, and should govern themselves accordingly.


So there you have it, if you think the regular web has its weirdos, this is the twilight zone of the web (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly) that you should stay clear of unless you really really have too.



Niall has been a member of the Rotary Club of Wexford for over 5 years, lately having become the President of the club.  At this years Christmas Party Niall was awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship Award.

Jurgen Sassman, Hon Sec of Rotary Wexford, also addressed the Rotarians.  He commented on the success of the Club under the watchful eye of Niall and drew our attention to the wonderful website and much improved social media platform of Wexford Rotary, something that has been driven by Niall through his company Graphedia.com here in Wexford. Jurgen, aided and abetted  by Maura Bell, currently VP of our Club, then presented Niall with a prestigious Paul Harris Fellowship Award.  Rotarians have a tradition of honouring individuals who have made significant contributions towards the wellbeing of their Club.  Niall has certainly earned this accolade.  Hearty congratulations on this Award came Niall’s way – very well deserved!!

On behalf of his wife Sarah and himself Niall said “ I know the great people that have been given this award in the past, I am truely honoured to be given this fellowship, Thank you to my Vice President Maura Bell (who used to be my boss in Whites hotel 20 odd years ago) and a big thank you to founding memeber Jurgen Sassmanhausen for his kind words, a man that used to teach me German in school, almost 25 years ago. I look forward to your continuing support in the New Year and in the meantime we would like to wish you and your families our very best wishes, and a peaceful 2017.”

What is the Paul Harris we hear you say?

The presentation of Paul Harris Fellow recognition is The Rotary Foundation’s way of expressing its appreciation for a substantial contribution to its humanitarian and educational programs. It is named for our founder, Paul Harris, a Chicago lawyer who started Rotary International with three business associates in 1905.

Rotarians often designate a Paul Harris Fellow as a tribute to a person whose life demonstrates a shared purpose with the objectives of the Rotary Foundation. Today we have the honour and pleasure of recongising Niall Reck as he becomes a Paul Harris Fellow.

When a person is recognised as a Paul Harris Fellow, they are presented with a Certificate signed by the Rotary International President and the Chairman of the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation, and a lapel pin and medallion. The contribution to The Rotary Foundation can be made in one sum or by cumulative giving over a number of years. Individuals can make a personal contribution or the contribution can be from a club, a company or business.

From all of us here we wish Niall the continued success with rotary as it keeps him out of the office for a while 🙂

Congratulations to Team at Kildare Now for Winning the Ecommerce Social Media Award at this Years North Kildare Business Awards 2016 held in the K Club in November.  Commercial Manager of KildareNow Anna Fortune accepted the award with Content Manager Senan Hogan and Multimedia Account Manager Louise Cunningham.  Launched only 15 months ago, KildareNow won the E-Commerce & Social Media Category in which KBC bank and The Irish Biltong Co were also nominated.

Sarah & Niall Reck from Graphedia.com at The North Kildare Chamber AwardsNorth Kildare Chamber Business Awards 2016 in association with Clark, were held on the 18th November in The K Club. The awards are county wide awards recognising the entrepreneurialism, innovation, diversity and talent of businesses across all sectors. The awards honour industry leaders through the acknowledgement of innovative business processes, product development, enterprise, sustainability and overall business success.

Graphedia are very proud to have Sponsored the Award for the past 2 years, This award category is aimed at businesses keen to show how they are harnessing the latest business thinking and technology to keep them at the cutting edge when selling or trading online. For this category, the judges are looking for evidence of successful E-commerce website, selling online, with good use of social media . The Business should be forward thinking with a determination to strive for continued success by pushing the boundaries. The winning business in this category should have an excellent appreciation of how new technology can deliver a competitive advantage.

Best of luck to the finalists Proud Sponsors of this years awards

Graphedia also supplied all the graphics and Video animation for this prestigious event


Graphedia have been awarded Partner status with google on their expertise with Google Adwords.  The Google AdWords certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords. An AdWords certification allows Google to recognize Graphedia as an expert in online advertising.

Achieving Partner status means that we have demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise, met AdWords spend requirements and delivered agency and client revenue growth.

Our profile can be viewed https://www.google.com/partners/#a_profile;idtf=8464777227;

Niall is clearly happy with partnership :)We now are credited with having the partner badge on our website showing that Google recognizes our agency as an AdWords certified partner.

Niall Reck the owner of Graphedia says “It is great for our company, we are absolutely thrilled with the partner status, we strive to moving forward and giving our customers the best and latest service, it shows the hard work we here at graphedia put into achieving results for our customers.”


So if you need help with your AdWord Campaign don’t hesitate to contact us

Seventh Annual Wexford Business Expo Brings Local Businesses Online

On Thursday November 10th, Wexford County Hall became the home for Google and Microsoft as the 2016 Wexford Business Expo provided local businesses with the knowledge and practical advice to establish and develop effective online sales strategies for their products and services.

Featuring many high profile speakers, who discussed the various factors that contribute to creating a successful e-commerce strategy. A particular highlight of this year’s Expo was the Google Digital Garage workshops, which took place throughout the day.  The Google Digital Garage, which has been described as the ‘Growth Engine for Digital Skills’, enables users to discover the complete range of Google tools that are at their disposal and how they can be used to maximise the effectiveness of an online presence.

The 2016 Wexford Business Expo was organised by the Wexford Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with Wexford County Council, lead sponsors Zurich Insurance and ESET and media partner, the Sunday Business Post.

Business Expo Stands

Graphedia Also produced all the branding for the Expo, from Logo Design, Advertising Design, Posters, website, Banners and the Animated Promotional Video

Look Alive! Facebook Has Made Changes That You Should Be taking Full Advantage Of!

SURPRISE! Facebook has done it again!

In a bid to keep the platform relevant and most useful for your business and for its users, Facebook have recently made changes to reflect how its users are reacting to and engaging with posts

There are a few obvious changes in the last week or two that you may have noticed and some that you might not yet be aware of.  Never fear – that’s why we’re here – to keep you up to date with all the latest goings on in Social Media land.

Before on the left, After on the Right

Firstly Changes to the page layout

You may have also noticed that there have been a number of changes to the profile page layout of your business pages.

    • The profile picture has been moved to the left of the screen, making your cover shot bigger and more visible. Be sure to have a look at your cover shot and check that the design and layout still look right after this move. You now have more precious space to play with! Call your superlative Graphic Designer (Ahem, that would be us!) to design a cover shot for your business today!


    • Your Call to Action button such as the ‘Message’ or Call Us’ or ‘Watch Video’ or ‘Shop Now’ buttons are now much bigger and are located to the bottom right of the cover shot. Make sure you are happy with that Call to Action button and that it is the most useful Call To Action for your business.


    • Your page navigation is now located to the left of the cover shot, below the profile picture, meaning your like button is now more visible and less crowded than before! Score!


    • Reviews, Maps, Videos and Images are now all much more visible in a completely new column to the right hand side of your timeline. Again, have a good look at this precious real estate and be sure you are making the most of it!

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Secondly the changes to the algorithm and what they mean for your business:

Facebook have conducted their research and found that;

Facebook users are more inclined to share text only based posts written by their friends, but not so inclined to share text only posts/updates written by business pages. If we think about that, it makes sense. Consumers are savvy and know when they are being marketed to. They will, however, react to a great image, a useful video or a handy infographic, when posted by a business.

    • So what does that mean for your business?
      Well, Facebook have decided to pull back from text only posts on business pages, meaning you will get less reach and therefore less traffic from text only posts.


    • The Solution?
      Simple, get funky with images, videos and really useful graphics and avoid text only, self-promoting posts. Try to offer something useful and engaging to your audience when posting.Facebook, however, did go on to pinpoint that switching to a more media/link-orientedstatus update will definitely make up for the loss.


    • You say what now?
      Well, simply put, if you are posting a status update and you wish to add a link to your post, you should now use the sharing tool directly from the website or article that you wish to share and this will get more traction in your posts than simply embedding a link/pasting a link into your post!


    • What does this mean for your business?
      It means get busy asking people to share your blog articles, your content and your videos directly from your website and you’ll see the benefits!


Well, that’s all folks – your handy social media update…just cause we love ya!


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8 Awesome Tips For Entrepreneurs to Keep You Movin’ This Week!


For most of us in business, entrepreneurship could be defined like this:  “I don’t have a 9-5. I have a when I open my eyes to when I close my eyes”…

Or like this…

“I am the maker of my products & services, the marketer, the accountant, the head of HR, the tax guy and the lunch lady!”

Running your own business ain’t for the faint hearted, that’s for sure. It takes graft, determination, business smarts, stubbornness and definitely a little madness!

There are, however, some awesome pearls of wisdom that have been passed down by the entrepreneurial greats along the way. And taking heed of those pearly words, could just make that path a little less crazy and complicated!

Here are some words from the greats to keep us motivated this week…..Gather round entrepreneurs!

Steve Jobs: “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become”

Richard Branson: “If someone offers you a great opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later”

James Dyson: “While Developing my vacuum, I went through 5126 failed prototypes and my life’s savings over 15 years. But the 5127th prototype worked, and the Dyson brand became the best-selling bagless vacuum brand in the United States”

Henry Ford: “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

Timothy Ferriss: “Focus on being productive, instead of busy”

Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try!” …(Yes, yes, we know Yoda is technically not an entrepreneur but he is one of the greats, so he had to make an appearance in our opinion!)

Mark Zuckerberg: “If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out.”

Bill Gates: “The first rule of any technology applied in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency”


Well, we feel inspired – we hope you do too!

google-adwordsAnd we also wanted to add our own note on the great Bill Gate’s words on automation. You see, at Graphedia, getting our clients more online leads and sales is our business and let’s just say that business is gooooood! 😉

We believe that if you are following the sage advice above and you are working on something you are passionate about, you have a great product or service and an efficient business, then automation of your business is a step that can take your business to the next level and beyond.

What do we mean by automation? Well, its simple really, we mean driving warm/interested leads to your website and turning those leads into sales for your business through the use of online sales funnels, SEO, paid traffic and more.

…Essentially making sales while you sleep!!

If you would like to chat to us about automating your business and making more sales online while you sleep (!) then, why not give us a shout today.

P.S. We have a great summer offer running right now – sign up to 6 months of Google Adwords with us and receive a FREE €90 google adwords voucher! (We’re nice like that!!) Grab ‘em while they last.