€9,000 Digitalisation Vouchers for companies of 10 employees & over

A new fund available through Enterprise Ireland to provide strategic intervention for any eligible company wishing to develop a digital adaption plan

Digitalisation Voucher

The new Digitalisation Voucher is a 100% funded grant which provides support to companies as they seek to access the expertise needed to develop a digital roadmap for their business. This expertise can take the form of independent technical or advisory services that relate to the current and future operations of the business, with respect to assessing their digital readiness and identifying opportunities for increased digitalisation across the business.

Description of funding

  • the voucher covers the provision of technical or advisory services related to the operations of the business, from an approved service provider up to a value of €9,000
  • a maximum daily rate of €900 shall apply
  • the support will be provided over a relatively short period but it may be spread out over a maximum of 8 weeks

Eligible Projects must include one or more of the following activities:

  • internal process optimisation (Lean-Digital-Automation)
  • customer digital experience (Product, Service, Route to Market, Channels)
  • data-driven decision making


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Eligible companies

Manufacturing or internationally traded services companies which:

  • employed 10 or more full time employees on their payroll on 29 February 2020; or
  • employed 10 full time employees at the time of application
  • as part of the application you will need to complete a digital assessment scorecard from Enterprise Ireland globalambition.ie/scorecard which will provide an overview of your current digital readiness

In order to be eligible for funding, companies must:

  • have experienced, or are projected to experience, a 15% or more reduction in actual or projected turnover or profit as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak; the reduction in turnover or profit of 15% or more relates to a comparable quarter in 2019 or 2020
  • or have had a significant increase in operational costs as a result of COVID-19
  • not have been Undertakings in Difficulty at 31 December 2019 and/or at the date of application, as provided for in State aid law. An exception to this is micro and small undertakings (that is, undertakings with fewer than 50 employees and less than €10m of annual turnover and/or balance sheet value) provided that at the moment of providing the support, they are not subject to collective insolvency procedure under national law


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Announcing the new fund, the Tánaiste said:

“Now, as we cautiously emerge from these necessary public health restrictions and global markets begin to open up again, the government will continue to help businesses in their next phase of recovery and adaptation.”

Enterprise Ireland CEO Leo Clancy said:

“The new €51 million fund is intended to ensure that Irish businesses continue to be supported in recovery from the impact of COVID-19. To date, Enterprise Ireland has approved more than €181 million in COVID-19 financial supports under the Sustaining Enterprise Fund protecting more than 27,500 jobs.

“As economies reopen, ongoing investment in business-critical areas is vital to the long-term growth of companies.”


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Trading Online LEO vouchers, Make Sales While You sleep


To get 10,000 Irish businesses online for the first time and to get a further 2,000 Irish SMEs trading online over a period of two years, the Government have introduced a “trade-onlinevoucher scheme as part of the National Digital Strategy.

This allows businesses to secure funding for 90% of their projects spend, up to a maximum reclaim of €2,500.

We have hundreds of customers selling online throughout Ireland and we would look forward to working with you too.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Us.

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What the vouchers can be used for:

  • Development or upgrade of an e-commerce website
  • Implementing Online payments or booking systems
  • Purchase of Internet related software
  • Purchase of online advertising
  • Developing an app (or multiplatform webpages ?)
  • Implementing a digital marketing strategy i.e. Social media marketing
  • Consultation with ICT experts for early stage adopters of online strategy
  • Training/ skills development specifically to establish and manage an on-line trading
  • Activity

What the vouchers cannot be used for:

  • Businesses that are not already trading
  • Development of brochure websites
  • Purchase of non-internet related software
  • Anything other than online trading related activity
The vouchers are targeted at businesses with the following profile:
  • No online presence or companies seeking to improve their online presence
  • < than 10 employees
  • < turnover of €2m per annum

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