Niall Reck (graphedia) with 3 Irish Wolfhounds

Pleasure to write an article for visit wexford, about my 3 favourite running routes with the Wolfhounds in wexford town. Enjoying below

Running with the Wolfpack

3 scenic dog friendly runs around Wexford Town

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My name is Niall Reck from Wexford, a leisure runner and local business owner of  I normally always run with my dogs, 3 Irish Wolfhounds.  I would be a leisure runner mainly 10k max are my runs, but I try to mix it up with hills and scenic views.  Here are a few of my favourite dog friendly routes, I hope you enjoy!

Routes: I have 3 routes for you, from easy flat to calf crushing hills

  1. Wexford Town (nice and flat, small hills)
  2. Ravens Forest / Curracloe Beach
    2 routes,
      1. Gravel path and beach, (flat)
      2. Through the forest and then beach (lots of humps and bumps 😊)
  1. Three Rocks (all hills, calf crusher)

You can read full article here