So I need to get on the Road, now due to my ankles not healed yet i will spend the first month or so on the Bike.  Saturday is the planned day for the cycle with my buddy Shane Carroll who has signed up for the race too, level of fitness same as me (poor), but I am more handsome.  So we plan to meet at 7:30am, now I don’t know what was harder, cycling the bike at that hour or getting out of the bed on a Saturday at 7am to one of the frostiest mornings I have seen this year.  But I got up and put the gear on (when i say gear I mean tracksuit, three jumpers a coat and a yellow reflective jacket and my new helmet from Hayes cycles, always best to be safe than sorry and I felt three jumpers would be more than enough to keep me warm. As it turns out upper body was fine, well protected, my hands and bottom half of my body on the other hand where the wind is channelled was not so warm in fact it nearly froze off. We decided to go along the Rosslare Road, see what shape we would be like in 30 mins and take it from there, so we headed out. First thirty minutes was great, we were at a good speed, warmed up well, feeling proud of our fitness we continued all the way to Rosslare Strand (pat on the back moment), it was great, great scenery and we were not that tired, we headed back.  Now it dawns on us that we are not as fit as we think, turns out the road  is mostly downhill from Whitford to Rosslare strand and that the wind had been on our backs the whole way down, now we had to cycle back into the wind (which was a breeze but felt like a hurricane) and cycle uphill the whole way back, the worst one being the mountainous hill from Mcdonalds to Whitford, I now regretted shouting weeeeee on the way down it when we first started out. I recall saying feel the burn many times as my thighs went on fire and to the end my hip joints and cocixs seised up like rusty gate, but we got there and to my amazement I have had no pains, the pain must be saving itself for next week.   So we did it in 2 hours and proud of our achievement we have arranged to go again next week, but with more thermals and gloves and also check the wind direction before we decide what route to take. Feeling proud of myself when I get home I brag all round me, eat like a man possessed and pass out for the next 2 hours.  Fitness is getting better, feeling great and enjoying it. Fitness level feeling good after and enjoying it, Weight loss to date still the same, man boobs and belly are retreating.  People are being very supportive and there has been a large number of people signing up to to run the race which is great. So please help spread the word and register online as soon as you can, if I can do it anyone can   You can Walk, Jog or Run