so the training begins and so does the pain

First week back in the Gym and thank god I started light, I started on a Wednesday doing the strength training in Total Fitness Systems and naturally I was put in the beginners section doing some light stretching followed by some light kettlebell work and then a lot of exercises on the thigh region (squats, lunges etc).  All was grand the hour and half went by quick and I kept up with my fellow sports athletes.

At the end I felt great, my blood was moving, I said my goodbyes and left, now I don’t know what fresh air has on the unfit, but as soon as I got outside I had flashbacks of a rag week I had in Carlow many years ago, my thighs just gave up, I wobbled to the car like a drunk who can’t understand why the world is moving the opposite way than the direction intended.  I got to the car eventually, this should have been a sign of things to come, as the next day I woke to find someone had replaced my legs in the middle of the night with a pair of unmovable lead bars that hurt when i look at them (i’m told this is a good thing).  So I needed to warm them back up, so on Thursday night I went to the boxing class, the class was taken by Francis aka Chuck Norris (Don’t mess with me) so whinging that I can’t do something is not an option and I’m a man and if I’m going to whinge, it will be to the wife.  So it begins on the legs and I can barely move mine (lead leg syndrome), training goes well, I get through it and wobble to the car. For the following 4 days I was the butt of many jokes in the office as one day I had to climb the stairs like a man fighting gravity.  

Week 2, I started on strength fitness and my body was back to normal, exercising went well, still kept it light and at the end managed to walk to my car without the need of a zimmer frame.  Thursday night was boxing, where we worked on shoulders, arms, speed and technique, through skipping and boxing on the bag, now like every male in the world put in front of hanging bag I hammered that bag like their was no tomorrow, a lot of therapy sorted out right there, night went well and I slept like a baby. Next day legs were fine, shoulders felt strong (or used for the first time in a while) it was only when at the desk in the office I realised I couldn’t pick up a pen and when I did manage I felt like the girl from kill bill trying to pick up rice with chopsticks, all the muscles in my forearms were on strike (or the boxing bag was having its own sick revenge on me).  Going to be another day before I can write and another day before the guys in the office to stop laughing at me. So feeling good after all that and enjoying it, Weight loss to date strangely I have put on weight, must be all the muscle I have built up in my man boobs.  Wexford Numbers for the run/walk are growing fast which is great so if you would like to join us this March please do, or if you need any info on it, please contact me or the guys here at Hope and Dream 10.