Ok so January is upon me, I have only 82 days left to run the 10 mile so lets just see how I get on and I haven’t actually ran yet so it is time to get on the road, now that I have my new turbo runners and yellow canary running jacket (thanks My Sport & Santa) it shouldn’t be a problem -right. Well in two words “not good” I say I ran 100 yards before I had to stop and take a good break.  I convince myself maybe it was just initial shock and continue onwards, again another 100 yards and bam my body stops, frustration is kicking in, I march onwards and continue this for the next 30 minutes.  I can feel every stone of my body weight (all 16 and a half stone of it) hammering my legs when I run, and it dawns on me, one I’m really out of practice / shape and two I might have pigged out too much this christmas. The nightmare of eating too much turkey over many many days has come back to haunt me and in hindsight I think my body thought the new runners would move my legs for me.  So I head home disheartened but knowing I need to up the gears. So I need a plan asap,  I really need to shift weight as I am carrying too much, after talking to the nutritionist (Hi Ciara) it turns out, I really am not putting in the right foods to keep me going, I eat far too much Toast in fact I eat near enough to a Sliced brown pan a day between toast and sandbos, so they are out.  And who would have thought it that fried eggs etc are bad for you (noooooo) so back to poached and boiled eggs for me.  Fizzy drinks are now out, Tap water is in, so are more oily fish, tuna, mackerel etc, I believe the word is Protein and the more of the better as long as I don’t fry it.  So just to be clear I am not on a diet I am just changing what I eat for the better.  I feel like I’m saying “I’m not fat, I’m big boned.” So Five weeks on… I am now running up to 5 miles jogging up forth mountain and lovin it, I really enjoy going out, myself and Shane also run 3km twice a week around town (the Hilly bits). I have lost 8kg in the past 5 weeks and I have been eating like a king (thanks to Phelim Byrnes recipes, Mick Kelly’s low carb / sugar plan and Ciaras Warnings).  My legs are now stronger, I’m getting faster and my recovery rate has hugely improved and my new turbo shoes are supporting my ankles great, also my blood pressure is dropping (first time in years). One other change is I have started to grow a beard (to my wife’s annoyance might I add) but it is great it keeps your face warm and no-one recognises the wheezing, staggering lump running around the mountain.  So I recommend you all get one and good shoes. So it is going well, lots of support happening down here and it is great to see so many people taking part. – See more at: http://www.hopeanddream10.com/2013/02/19/fatman-rises/#sthash.Il03FZ5O.dpuf