These are some of the posts I wrote for the Hope and Dream 10 mile charity run in Enniscorthy to help raise money for two great charities Hope and Share a Dream. We were trying to help spread awareness and get me back into shape (Win Win)

Niall Reck, Married with 2 kids, designer / owner at Graphedia, I am 36,  6ft 1, I weigh 105 kg and have a waist of  38”.  I know this sounds dreamy but it is far from it. To sum up my fitness level: Badly out of shape, supporting man boobs and a belly like Buddha.

When it comes to exercise I need a goal to keep me motivated, I have been noticing my fitness slipping away lately and too many bad habits creeping in.  Speaking with John O’ Leary about this years event and seeing I needed to get up off my butt the challenge was set and as Alan Maher said if all else fails a lot of people would pay to see me puking up at the finishing line.

I would have been fairly fit over the years, having done martial arts when I  was younger.  Work and family life took priority over the past couple of years and this is where a few bad habits have kicked in, also the added bonus of injuries playing football with eagerly unfit men I have torn almost every ligament in my right ankle and ripped most of the ligaments in my shoulder.

Bad Habits:

  • Overeating
  • The temptation of biscuits, crisps and sweets
  • Not exercising lately
  • Too much TV, curse you BBC 2 for creating hours of enjoyable TV from 6 to 9, from top food programs to dance programs.  And of course ITV 4 from 9 pm with endless hours of Clint Eastwood movies and Escape from New York too, how could i leave it.


  • Run the Hope and Dream 10
  • Raise a load of money for the Hope Clinic and Share a Dream, 2 great causes that do fabulous work which have helped and touched everyone in some way
  • Encourage a load of Wexford people to take part
  • Get my fitness back, I’m out of shape badly
  • Not necessarily lose weight but to decrease my fat and get more muscle in there.

To reach my goal of fitness this gives me 4 months to get in shape, seeing I cannot run for a while as my ankles are still healing this will involve a lot of core work and fitness stamina training.  So the schedule is 3 days a week in Total Fitness Systems, consisting of Kettle bell training on Mondays, Fitness Training on Wednesdays and Boxing Fitness on Thursdays.   I have also roped my good friend Shane Carroll into running the race with me in March so we will be Cycling our bikes every Saturday morning.  In two months time I plan on getting on the road and running, that should be fun.

So set your Rocky theme tune and lets see how this goes,  I’m really looking forward to it from a personal point of view and to see how much money I can raise for these two great causes

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