South Dublin County Council to produce an engaging and informative video for the Dublin Urban Rivers LIFE (DURL) Project

At Graphedia, we are proud to have collaborated with South Dublin County Council to produce an engaging and informative video for the Dublin Urban Rivers LIFE (DURL) Project. Our team provided comprehensive storyboarding, visuals, 3D animation, and professional voiceover services to bring this crucial environmental message to life. This video aims to educate residents across the Dublin district on the importance of maintaining clean urban rivers and the steps they can take to prevent water pollution.

Video Synopsis:

Rivers play a vital role in our urban landscapes, benefiting both the natural ecosystem and the community’s enjoyment. However, these rivers and lakes are constantly under threat from human activities, particularly in urban areas where water pollution is predominantly caused by:

  • Runoffs from paved and unpaved areas
  • Leaking sewers
  • Misconnections

The video emphasises that fixing and removing misconnections will significantly improve water quality and enhance the health and biodiversity of local rivers, safeguarding them for future generations.

Our Contribution:

Graphedia was instrumental in the production of this video by providing:

  • Storyboarding: Creating a clear and compelling narrative structure.
  • Visuals: Designing visually appealing and informative graphics.
  • 3D Animation: Bringing concepts to life with dynamic animations.
  • Professional Voiceover: Delivering a clear and engaging auditory experience.

Our collaboration with South Dublin County Council ensures that this important environmental message reaches and resonates with the residents of the Dublin district, empowering them to take action for cleaner and healthier urban rivers.

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Introducing our latest creation: “Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets Explainer Video.” 🌊💧

We are thrilled to showcase our partnership with Kersia, where we had the incredible opportunity to create an animated explainer video featuring Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets. This visually captivating and informative video highlights the immense benefits of these innovative purification tablets, ensuring clean and safe drinking water for all.

The Aquatabs Explainer Video dives deep into the world of water purification, effectively conveying the ease and effectiveness of using Aquatabs to purify water. With a seamless blend of stunning animation and a compelling voice-over, we walk viewers through the simple steps of using Aquatabs properly, empowering them to safeguard their health and well-being.

Our dedicated team at Graphedia poured their creativity and expertise into this project, capturing the essence of Aquatabs’ mission to provide accessible and reliable water purification solutions. The video resonates with audiences of all ages, making complex information easily digestible and compelling.

Watch the video now and embark on a journey of discovery with Aquatabs

Wicklow County Council Bike Maintenance Animation

Cycling is more popular than ever for getting around
Keep your bike maintained
Get your bike serviced regularly
Good maintenance extends the life and improves performance
Let’s create a circular economy with better maintenance and less waste.

Kildare Sports Council - Physical Activity Video by

Kildare Sports Council – Physical Activity Video, The Key to good Health & Wellbeing for life, created by Animation services

  • Creation of Storyboard
  • Supply of Voice Over
  • Creation of Animation
Wipes Animation

Creation of Single Use Wipes advert for Wicklow County Council, under the following brief.

A key message is to deliver is that wipes are a single use item so would  “Wipes are a single use item.  Ditch them for a more sustainable future”.  Young adults and parents of young children would be key markets targeted for wipes, particularly the latter.

At Graphedia we

  • Developed the storyboard idea
  • Created a Script
  • Creation of Voice Over
  • Development of Animation & Characters

Check out this animation for Santas Magical Trail in Athy, County Kildare

20 second scenery scene before animation starts

We see the inside of a barn with the POV as if it is shot from a cell phone camera being held by a sheep. We see and Henrietta Hen frantically clucking running around barn hysterical as other animals onlook. (turkey, alpaca, sheep, etc.) Sheep holding phone peeks around phone to look into lens of camera for a second to check if it is filming.

Henrietta runs frantically around barn then towards camera clucking.


Kildare Farm Foods Character Animations & Voice Overs

Creation of farm characteurs and animation of animals for use on Kidlare Farm foods Interactive Farm App, helping users navigate around the farm.  Voice Over work also supplied and created by Graphedia.

Click on the videos below

Animated Video for Eithne Fitzpatrick “The Physiotherapist” showing / informing  users ‘How to Get a Comfortable Night’s Sleep with Neck & Shoulder Pain’ with a very easy to follow Information Video.  Video Will be used on Website, Facebook and all instructional materials.

We had a lot of fun creating this video. The video is using the script and Voice Over we have had running on our radio adverts.  A Star Trek inspired creation for us nerds here, promoting our web design and animation services.  The “Graphedia Star ship” if you look closely is in the shape of our G and has our emblem on the top of it.  The team at Graphedia is beamed aboard at the end, with Niall doing the Spock Live Long and Prosper Vulcan Sign.  There are loads of hidden Easter eggs throughout. We will use this video on YouTube and Promotional Items to Help us make designs Boldly Go where no other Design agency has gone before 🙂


Now we are aware that Captain Piccard isn’t from the same series as Spock and Scotty but this comes down to two simple things, 1 we couldn’t get a good Captain Kirk VO , and 2 Captain Piccard (Patrick Stewart) Rocks, but then again true trekkies will know that Scotty did appear on a generations series


Live Long & Prosper

Creation of a text based animation to be used as a promotional video to promote Bob Conways VO’s Services.  Bob Conway Scripted and delivered the VO for this video (who else could do it :))


Animation for Pot of Gold The Irish family Board Game: Simple, Fun & Educational!

Design & Creation of an interactive video showing how this new exciting Irish board game works.  Pot of Gold is a  family board game where players make their way around Ireland with the aid of a dice to find the legendary Pot of Gold. Once you find the Pot of Gold, you need to race home before someone else claims it! This popular and fun game makes an ideal gift for any occasion and is designed for all the family
We created the script, animation and developed the very irish sounding  Voice Over
Give their website a visit

Design and creation of digital interactive animation to be used as Children enter into Santas Room.  Creation of Elf, Voice Over Production, Animation of characters and Lip Syncing. A very complex and magical animation that gets children engaging with the Screens.

Creation of 3d render of the new Aquasept Product and Product Demo Animated Video Showing How to use / install this new Water Purification device by Aquasept and then how to change / clean it. Animated Video by

Product Information Animation for the INSTA-80 Instant Smart Electric Water Heater

The INSTA-80 Instant Smart Electric Water Heater has been developed by Watersave to cure the age old problem of traditional hot water systems that allow water to get cold in the hot water plumbing pipes.

Graphedia developed digital animation to explain how the unit works and how it is installed in a very easy to watch 1 minute promotional video.