We had a lot of fun creating this video. The video is using the script and Voice Over we have had running on our radio adverts.  A Star Trek inspired creation for us nerds here, promoting our web design and animation services.  The “Graphedia Star ship” if you look closely is in the shape of our G and has our emblem on the top of it.  The team at Graphedia is beamed aboard at the end, with Niall doing the Spock Live Long and Prosper Vulcan Sign.  There are loads of hidden Easter eggs throughout. We will use this video on YouTube and Promotional Items to Help us make designs Boldly Go where no other Design agency has gone before 🙂


Now we are aware that Captain Piccard isn’t from the same series as Spock and Scotty but this comes down to two simple things, 1 we couldn’t get a good Captain Kirk VO , and 2 Captain Piccard (Patrick Stewart) Rocks, but then again true trekkies will know that Scotty did appear on a generations series


Live Long & Prosper