Design & Supply of 3 x 3 Curved Pop Stand and Carry Case for Rejevenate Ireland

Ideal for exhibitons, events, retail environmnents and shopping centres. Pop Up displays are a quick and easy way to get maximum exhibition backdrop coverage for a small investment. It is for this reason that Pop up stands have become so popular within the display and exhibition industry; they create a professional image for your company and are a salient marketing tool. Get your brand noticed and attract customers with a Pop Up from Graphedia.

The transport case doubles up as a podium counter that staff and stand operators can use to meet and greet customers. The graphic wrap adds exta space for your marketing messages and the table top can be used to hold marketing literature or a laptop/iPad.

Pop up frames are configured from a ‘scissored’ lattice aluminium design that simply ‘pops up’, hence the name. Being aluminium it exceeds all fire regulation requirements for indoor and exhibition use. The pop up frame has integral magnetic fixings that guide and ‘snap’ the corresponding magnetic printed panels into place.