Natasha Hughes NEw Branding and Website Design

Graphedia is excited to unveil our latest collaboration with Natasha Hughes, a passionate advocate for leadership and emotional intelligence. Through our partnership, we’ve transformed Natasha’s digital presence, elevating her brand with a new logo, visual identity, and a stunningly informative website.

New Logo and Branding:

We began by reimagining Natasha’s brand identity, crafting a new logo that reflects her values and expertise. Our visual color scheme complements her message, creating a cohesive and impactful brand image that resonates with her audience.

Custom Website Design:

Natasha’s website was meticulously designed from scratch to ensure a unique and tailored online presence. Every aspect of the design was carefully considered to align with Natasha’s vision and enhance user experience, the website is enhanced by the beautful images taken by Paula Malone Carty Photography. We ensured that Natasha’s website is fully responsive, adapting seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices. Whether accessed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, visitors can enjoy a consistent and optimised browsing experience. Natasha’s website boasts all green scores in Google Page Insights, reflecting its exceptional performance and speed. By prioritising optimisation, we’ve enhanced user satisfaction and search engine visibility.

Accessibility Standards, recognising the importance of inclusivity, we built Natasha’s website to meet accessibility standards for visually impaired users. By adhering to these standards, we ensure that everyone can access and navigate the website with ease.

SEO Optimisation:

In addition to design and development, we implemented advanced SEO techniques to boost Natasha’s online visibility and ensure her website ranks prominently in relevant searches. By optimising content and metadata, we’ve positioned Natasha as a leader in her field, attracting potential clients and driving business growth.

Hear what Natasha herself had this to say about our collaboration:

“Having collaborated with Niall on numerous philanthropy projects in the past, I can honestly say that he consistently delivers exceptional results in a timely manner and no ask is too much. His expertise in ecommerce website development effortlessly makes the entire process seem seamless. I am really grateful to Niall, Patrick, and the entire team at Graphedia for their professionalism and patience during the creation of my website. Their creative skills extended beyond website development to crafting a striking logo and email signature. As a novice entrepreneur, getting to grips with the complexities of digital technology such as domain hosting, GDPR, and SEO training can be overwhelming. However, Graphedia’s guidance simplified the entire journey and helped me bring my vision to life. The end product is a professional and user-friendly website that I now feel confident navigating, equipped with convenient features for my clients to understand my service offerings, schedule discovery calls and make online payments. I look forward to future collaborations with Graphedia and express my heartfelt gratitude for their superlative service and design excellence.”

Explore Natasha Hughes’ newly transformed digital identity and discover how she can help you or your organisation unlock your full potential.

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