Adman: A Lean Digitisation Web App

Reason: Enhancing Efficiency in Sales Process

Adman Steel Sheds, a manufacturer of custom steel garden sheds, garages, garden rooms, and greenhouses, recognised the need to streamline their sales process to provide a more efficient and effective customer experience. With a commitment to quality and customisation, Adman Steel Sheds sought to develop a solution that would enable their sales team to generate accurate quotations, customise products, and manage orders seamlessly, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and sales outcomes.

The Challenge: Optimising Quotation and Order Management in an Environment Dominated by Paperwork

The existing process of creating quotations and managing orders at Adman Steel Sheds was heavily reliant on paper-based methods. Docket books, pictures taken on phones and emailed into the office, and multiple manual steps were involved in putting together quotations for clients. This paper-driven approach not only consumed time but also increased the likelihood of errors. Furthermore, storing and retrieving documents for the next stage of the process required multiple printouts, further adding to the inefficiency.

Sales representatives found themselves engaged in repetitive tasks, entering data multiple times, which not only wasted time but also introduced the possibility of inaccuracies. The challenge was clear: develop a web app solution that would not only automate and streamline the quotation process but also provide real-time editing capabilities for orders. Additionally, the solution needed to facilitate multi-user access, cater to varying regions, and handle different currencies seamlessly.

Result: A Lean and Comprehensive Web App Solution

Adman Lean Web AppGraphedia embarked on the challenge, delivering a lean and tailored web app solution that precisely addressed Adman Steel Sheds’ unique needs. The solution introduced a suite of innovative features aimed at optimising operational efficiency, saving time, and enhancing clarity in the quotation and order management process:

  • Lean Ordering System:
    Integrating a lean ordering system into the web app, sales representatives could swiftly input customer details, customise product configurations, and generate accurate quotations in minimal time, promoting efficiency and clarity.
  • Efficient Reporting System:
    The web app featured an efficient reporting system, offering valuable insights into sales trends, customer preferences, and product performance. These insights empowered informed decision-making, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Customised Product Configuration:
    Customers enjoyed a streamlined experience, customising products to their specific needs with ease, selecting sizes, colors, doors, and storage options effortlessly.
  • Automated Emails & PDF Generation:
    Streamlining the process, the web app automatically generated professional-looking quotations and order confirmations, promptly emailed to customers as PDF attachments, saving time and ensuring clarity in communication.
  • Collaborative Multi-User & Multi-Currency Support:
    The solution facilitated seamless collaboration between the sales team on the road and office staff through multi-user access. Additionally, it effortlessly handled multi-currency and regional variations, catering to diverse markets efficiently.
  • Responsive Design for Enhanced Clarity:
    With a fully responsive design, the web app ensured a consistent and user-friendly experience across devices, promoting clarity and ease of use for all users.
  • Custom Graphedia Framework for Operational Efficiency:
    Leveraging a custom framework, Graphedia ensured the web app aligned seamlessly with Adman Steel Sheds’ branding and operational requirements, further enhancing efficiency and clarity.

Testimonial from Adman Steel Sheds:

“Niall and his team took over our existing website and made extensive upgrades from a technical and design point of view. Everything was done in a timely manner and all queries were actioned very quickly. Graphedia also developed and designed a bespoke online order system for us, which is making a massive difference to our Sales teams both on the road and in the office. We continue to enjoy working with Niall and his team on future projects to enhance our Digital presence and deliver a more seamless customer ordering experience.”

The collaboration between Adman Steel Sheds and Graphedia resulted in a lean and efficient web app solution, streamlining the sales process, promoting operational efficiency, and elevating customer engagement. This successful implementation underscores the transformative impact of technology in modernising traditional business processes, driving growth, and delivering value in a competitive market.

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Fairways & Fundays Golf APP

We have developed a new interactive App. for Apple & Android devices for Fairways and Fundays

We are excited to introduce the all new Fairways & Fundays App. This is a state of the art custom made App. that connects with our website and keeps all users up to date instantly and on the go.

Features Include:

  • Latest news feed
  • Golf Courses feed
  • My Vacation Section including
    Tour Itinerary
    Tour Vouchers
    Tour Summary
    Contact Telephone numbers

Click here to Download for Apple

Click here to download for Android

Pop Up Races APP

The all new APP for Pop Up Races, this is a state of the art custom made APP that connects with their website and keeps all users up to date instantly when new races are added.

Pop Up Races are Ireland’s premier chip timing & event management company. Originally established in 2014 by running enthusiasts Brian and David Conroy, Pop Up Races initial focus was to bring ‘low cost’ 5k chip timed races to towns around Ireland. This year (2019), they expect to cater for over 80,000 runners across 160 events in both Ireland and the UK.

The App has the following features

  • Push Notifications – straight to the app as they are added to website
  • Full Race listings
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Pop Up Races can send notifications automatically or individual alerts
  • Pop Up Races can push open pages in the app from the website
  • Pop Up Races can manage information in the app from the website

Pop Up Races App

Here’s a few reasons why having this app on your phone is a must:

  • Quick results check
  • Quick registration process
  • Latest news via push notifications
  • User friendly
  • Much much more…


If you are an existing apple user, please run the update available on iTunes and opt in for push notifications to keep up to date with latest news, race openings and special offers.